Are You Human?

I rarely watch TV but I’ve gotten hooked on a couple of shows: Eureka, Warehouse 13, and Stephen King’s Haven. Being a fan of the paranormal these are right up my alley.  But I’m really looking forward to Saturday.  Why? Because the second season of the BBC’s supernatural drama Being Human starts this weekend. 

I love this show.  What’s not to like?  You’ve got three roommates, two guys and girl, twenty-somethings, all trying to make their way in this world.  The only problem?  Mitchell is a vampire who’s trying to swear off blood. George is a neurotic werewolf and Annie’s a ghost, who just recently passed. She’s still trying to figure out how to cope with being dead.  Mitchell, George and Annie all try to live “normal” lives as humans, except few people can see Annie besides George and Mitchell. George has a girlfriend who suspects he’s keeping a secret from her, and Mitchell is being stalked by a group of vampires who just can’t seem to let him live his “life” his way.

By the end of season one, George had to decide if he would stand with Mitchell to defeat the leader of the evil society of vampires or leave his friends to begin a new life with his girlfriend, Nina.  This season Mitchell, George and Annie will face Kemp, a religious zealot, who has some pretty strong ideas about where creatures like them belong…and it’s not in Heaven.

If you haven’t discovered Being Human, you can check it out at

On their website you can also take a quiz to find out if you’re a vampire, werewolf, or ghost.

I’m a vampire.


9 thoughts on “Are You Human?

  1. Interesting. I hadn’t heard of it, either. That’s a new concept, especially with a werewolf and vampire living under the same roof. With a ghost thrown in for good measure.

    GMC. That’s all it takes for a really good mix. I’ll have to remember to watch come Saturday.

    • Yeah, and the nice thing is…the vampire doesn’t sparkle! (LOL) They all get along well like brothers and sisters. The interplay between the characters is what caught my attention.

  2. Sigh . . . another bunch of shows that we don’t get. I know, we could buy another satellite dish (the last one got blasted by lightning), but then when would I get anything else done?

    If I had to be one of the three, I’d go for ghost. There a few people I’d really like to haunt.

    • Oh Marilyn, I’m getting the first season on DVD. I’ll let you borrow it,how that?

      Yeah, there’s a few people on this earth, I’d love to haunt too. Would it be fun? (insert evil laugh here)

  3. I missed Haven last week, so I’ll have to catch up. Eureka is quirky so it’s fun. But I’m betting you’ll like Being Human, there’s so much going on with each character you tune in to see what’s gonna happen next. I got hooked big time.

  4. Yeah, the BBC is short on “hot” actors and actresses, although I think you’ll find Aidan Turner easy on the eyes. The guy who plays George is just your average looking guy. And his character doesn’t do anything glamourous. He’s a orderly in a hospital. So you might appreciate that, Ren. They also don’t live an upscale house or neighborhood. It’s actually pretty middle class.

    Glad you took the quiz. Kind of fun?

  5. Lynn,

    I love Eureka, bought it on DVD. I also have caught several episodes of Warehouse 13 and find it fascinating. I haven’t caught any of the new BBC shows, but I will definitely try to catch some Being Human. It’s probably time I broke down and got a DVR like most people….

    I really don’t watch a lot of TV, but I do try to catch a few shows a week. While on vacation, we watched an episode of The Gates. When it was over, DH turned to me and said, “that one’s not going to make it.” I asked him why… he said he still didn’t know who was a vampire and who was a werewolf. LOL!! spw

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