Sorry, I’m not Lynn. It’s her day to post, but when you can’t get the Internet to pull up – no matter how many ways you fuss at it, sweet talk it or threaten it  — what’s a person to do? Call a friend, of course. 🙂 So you’re stuck with me today.

Last week I blogged about campaign tactics because I didn’t think I’d be posting again until after Election Day. That’s what I get for thinking. {snort}. Since then I’ve gotten several more automated phone calls. At least I think they’re automated…I don’t pick up so I never know if there’s a live person on the other end or not. Today alone I’ve gotten 8 political messages on my machine. Which leads me to the next part of my post –


Don’t care who your candidates are, what your political affiliation is. Exercise your right as an American and make your voice heard. Otherwise, you have no room to complain if you don’t like who winds up in office.

Go put on your red, white and blue and head out to your polling stations. Hut, hut! Double time it, y’all. (Yeah. Okay. I’ll shut up now.) hehe


13 thoughts on “Primaries

  1. I am so adament about people voting! Men and women died to ensure this right.
    No elections today in Texas, so I’m doing my best to help the economy!

    One of the things about voting that I hold sacred is who I voted for. I usually don’t ever tell Don, unless it is a heated race in our area. Then we do a strategy! 😉

    Great post, Linda.
    Sorry, Lynn, about not getting on the ‘Net.

    • Meg,
      DH and I very seldom discuss who we voted for, only that we took the time to go stand in line and vote. I have a pretty good idea who he selected because we share a lot of the same views. But he doesn’t ask me and I don’t ask him.

      As you said, a lot of people have died defending our right to vote as we wish without having someone standing over us and threaten us. Unlike a lot of place in the world.

  2. Linda,

    When Meg posted that she keeps her vote sacred it reminded me of something… DH and I had been married for over twenty years before I realized our votes had been cancelling each other’s out for all those years. How could I not know I was sleeping with a card carrying [fill in political affiliation here]!! It made me laugh. We talk politics all the time. And we go vote. Usually in opposite directions.

    He really plays his cards close to his chest. spw

    • Isn’t is funny how you can live with someone for decades and still not know certain things about them? Kinda keeps the spice in your life, don’t you think? 😉

      • Linda,

        I walked around for a week saying, “how could I sleep with a man for twenty years and not know he’s a card carrying XX?” I asked everyone I came into contact if they knew how THEIR partner voted. We just cancel each other’s vote. spw

  3. I voted. I will say that I made a point to vote for the people who did NOT sling mud at the other candidates.
    IMO–mudslinging means you have nothing to recommend you for the job so you go for the jugular of your opponent.

    • I’m with you, Margaret. I want the canidate to run on their own merits and tell me what they bring to the table. Don’t just trash your opponent so badly that you think the voters will think of you as the lessor of two evils.

  4. Unfortunately, I can’t vote. Because I don’t register with a party, I can’t vote in primaries. But that’s okay. Let each party put up who they think is their best candidate, and I’ll pick between the two.

    • Bummer, Jackie. But I’m sure you make your vote count in the general election. I have to admit, it’s easier to pick between just 2 (or 3 if an Independent is running) than it is when there are a half dozen people running for the same office within the same party.

      Hmm. I just had a thought. {Yeah, that’s dangerous.} I wonder why they call it ‘running’ for an office?

  5. I have to admit – it was hard for me to stop. I was tired, had to go to the bathroom, blah, blah, blah. But the voting place is right on my way home, only a couple miles from the house. I knew once I walked in my front door I wouldn’t leave so I pulled in. Didn’t take me 15 minutes from the time I pulled off the road until I got home. Which equates to a low voter turnout. Bummer.

    Glad I could help you do your civic duty, RD. hehe

  6. I confess: I didn’t vote Tuesday. It’s only the second election I’ve missed in 20 years or more (I was in the hospital the other time, and they wouldn’t let me go to vote — of course, they knew I wouldn’t come back if they let me out).

    This time I just didn’t get around to checking out the candidates in time, and I felt it was really wrong to vote without knowing exactly what each one’s platform was.

    However . . . Oklahoma’s gonna have its first female governor!!! Woot!!

    • Our first female governor. Isn’t that awesome?! I have to admit, I was pulling for both women. I figured the democratic candidate didn’t stand much of a chance knowing who she was up against. But she beat him by about 1,500 votes. Who says your vote won’t ‘really’ make a difference?

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