Always Something New

Every now and then, I go on a reading binge.  (No, judging contests doesn’t count!)  It usually occurs when I read the latest book in a favorite series and when that particular book is better than average.  It makes me want to go back and “discover” them all over again.

Recently, I did that with the Eve Dallas books by J.D. Robb.  It started off as a romance and is more of a “family” epic now.  I feel the same way about the Dragonriders of Pern series and the Stephanie Plum books.  It’s great falling in love with a series of books, but in my case, it sometimes leads to “reading too fast”.  That leads to missing some salient points.

I’ve re-read the entire Eve Dallas series three or four times and it was only this time that I learned exactly who killed Roarke’s father.  On the other hand, it’s stuff like that that keeps me re-reading the older books.  Sometimes, because I’m in a different place in my life, the books read different.  Or maybe, I have a different mood.

And it’s not just series that do that to me.  Certain authors also send me back to their backlists.  Betty Neals, Janet Louise Roberts, Elise Lee, Marilyn Pappano…these are all authors who, every now and then I get such a craving for, I can’t read any new books on my towering TBR pile.  I HAVE to go back to good times, good folks.

That’s the kind of author I want to grow up to be.  The kind of author who not only brings a lot of enjoyment with each new book, but deliver the stories readers just can’t stand to sell off on E-Bay.  So for those who might say (like my brother…the non-reader!) “Why do you keep all those old books around when you’ve already read them?”,  I answer, “Because when I re-read them, there’s always something new.”


15 thoughts on “Always Something New

  1. Jackie–
    I agree!!! Marilyn’s PASSION, SUSPICION, her Selena Series, are still great, and I’m a Harry Potter fan, especially before the next movie comes out.

  2. Jackie,

    We are one, sister. I do the exact same thing. Sometimes, in anticipation of a new book in a series, I go back and re-read all the books leading up to it, so that when I do get the book, I’m right there again.

    There are quite a few series that I do this with: Nora’s Eve Dallas In Death series, David Weber’s Honor Harrington series, Lois McMasters Bujold’s Miles Vorkosigan series, and Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden series.

    I believe that it’s not the author–it’s the characters. One example, I rush to the bookstore for the next Harry Dresden book by Jim Butcher, but he’s written another fantasy series about the Furies and I can’t even be bothered to read all the books in the first trilogy. And it’s gone on to a second trilogy. I hit book two and went, “yawn.”

    I think the characters grab us and keep us content. That’s why Sue Grafton can continue through the alphabet with Kinsey Millhone. If we love the characters, we’ll follow them anywhere.


  3. Thanks for the mention, Jackie!

    I reread the Harry Potter books about once a year (which then makes me want to see the movies again, so I do a marathon of DVDs).

    Julia Quinn is probably my top author for rereading. Her skill with dialogue just amazes me. I swear, she could write an entire book consisting of only dialogue and I’d love it.

    Another thing I do is when I read a new book by a favorite author that just really doesn’t do it for me, I’ll go get one of her keepers from the shelf and reread it. It helps take the disappointment away for me.

    • That’s cheating! I give my money to Kim Harrison’s people and Christine Feehan’s people-just because I know ya doesn’t mean I won’t spend my money on you. You’re waaaay too generous as it is!

  4. Jackie,

    My hubby would never comment on the number of books I have. He had so many that after our water damage last year, he boxed them all up (after pulling them out of the cubby holes all over the house) and gave them to the library. We’re talking NUMEROUS boxes and multiple trips to the library!

    I don’t keep as many as he manages to acquire, but I love pulling one off my keeper shelf and rereading it. You’re right, it’s like reading new again.

    • Even worse, when I’m reading a series, I have a tendency to “behave” like I’m part of the series. More slang and cursing with Death. More “dragon” speak with Pern books.

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