Going Diving!

Sounds more exciting than it is, for me at least, since I don’t dive. We’re picking up the kiddo and the grandkiddo in an hour or so and heading to Lake Tenkiller so they can dive while the baby and I entertain each other. I thought about taking my netbook and MiFi so I could work, but who wants to work at the lake on a beautiful sunny day? (Mind you, right now it’s grayish and breezy and looks like yesterday’s wonderful rain might be hanging right around the corner, but I’m a positive thinker: it’s going to be a beautiful sunny day.)

Maybe I’ll get some ideas while Cam and I play, or maybe my brain will just totally shut down. Either way, the day will be good for refilling my creative well.

I just hope there are flush toilets!


11 thoughts on “Going Diving!

  1. Marilyn,

    I drove out to Tenkiller a few weeks ago with my sister. They did have permanent facilities with flush toilets.

    Don’t take your laptop. Don’t take your eyes off that grandbaby!! Have a great day. I hope this overcast burns off and gives you some blue skies. spw

    • It was wonderful! We found a shady place beneath a tree to spread our quilt and stuff, but naturally we didn’t spend much time on it. Cam spent hours throwing rocks into the lake, wading in to get them out, then throwing them again. 😉

      It was exactly what I needed.

      (And thank heavens for clean flush toilets!!)

  2. Hope it warmed up nicely for y’all today. How’d Cam like it at the lake? Bet he was a handful but there isn’t anything better than spending time with grandma. I’m willing to bet you agree. hehe

    • It was pretty hot by the time we got there, in the sun, at least. But once we got wet, there was a nice breeze that kept us cool. He loved it — chasing fish, throwing rocks, splashing grandma. Once they finished diving, we got in the water with them, and he “swam” back and forth (one of us held him, he kicked, and the other took his hands and pulled him in). He says he can’t wait till he’s big enough to go under the water, too (with a mask to keep nasty fish water out of his nose and mouth).

      Considering our day was long — we met them about 8:30 in the morning and left them at 8:15 that night — he was very good and lots of fun.

  3. We didn’t have a life jacket, so I held on to him a LOT. But we had tons of sunblock and used it. I think I’m the only one who didn’t get burned a bit, and I’m by far the fairest of the bunch. Cam’s little legs and feet turned brown everywhere except where his sandal straps went. 😉

  4. So glad you guys had a great day at the lake.

    We’re not big lake-goers. Wish we were. I love the water just not the accompanying panic attack as I try to corral four kids and keep everyone’s head above water. 😀

    Did you get any great ideas while sunning?

    • This was the first time I’d been in the water since we lived in North Carolina 15 years ago. We used to go to the beach 3-4 times a week that last summer there, but a lake’s just not the same. 😉

      I actually did start thinking about how scary it would be to get attacked underwater. You know, your visibility’s limited, everything’s looking a little alien, you’re really vulnerable with the hoses and the mask and all . . .

      Hmm. Better stop thinking about that or I’ll scare myself away from learning to dive!

  5. I used to love going to the lake, but since the guys left home, it’s just not as much fun alone. Maybe I can borrow Cam? Nothing like playing with a toddler at the lake. Such fun!

    • I’m sure he’d be willing. This was his first lake trip (except for one when he was around 9 months) and he loved it. He would have stayed a lot longer if the rest of us hadn’t been exhausted.

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