I Got Nothin’ ….

I’ve been trying for two days to think of something to blog on and I’m coming up blank.  But a professional author NEVER misses a deadline, do they?  *Cough-cough*  So, I’m just going to throw myself out there and damn the torpedos!

Have you ever wondered why so many NYT bestselling authors are skinny?  I’m not the first to ask.  Gloria Harchar was the first to bring it up.  And it makes me wonder…would I sell better if I lost some weight?  Hmmmm…

Have you ever wondered what goes on in the minds of people who don’t read?  We already know what goes on in the mind of people who write.  A constant stew of voices, plots, and character births.  I’m assuming that the minds of readers have at least some of the same stuff floating around, though not from a writing point of view, but rather the impact of the last great or lousy book they read.  But if you never read, what do you think about…?  Bank statements and grocery lists?

Have you ever wondered what REALLY lures a reader to pick up a particular title?  I’ve heard several theories; book covers, back blurbs, word of mouth, etc.  But why can’t there be a definitive answer?  I mean, it’s not like we haven’t had mass market books for close to a century.  And our culture pays thousands of dollars researching the smallest thing.  How come no one has researched how people read?

And last, but not least, how come after all these years, no one can pack a jar of olives so the ones on the bottom come out easily?

See?  I told you.  I got nothin’!  Oh, well, it keeps me out of the pool halls.


10 thoughts on “I Got Nothin’ ….

  1. Even with ‘I got nothin’, you come up with thought provoking questions.

    Personally, I think those that don’t read books are texting. Even talking on the phone for young people seems to be going by the wayside. At least from what I’ve observed. However, I’m not applying that statement to everyone in those age groups. Absolutely nothing can apply 100% to everyone. {Sheesh. Now I’M rambling! hehe}

  2. Those NYT bestsellers aren’t skinny. They’re photoshopped and they always wear black to silhouette their curves. It’s false advertisement. 🙂

    People who don’t read wonder how we find so much time to read, like we’re wasting our lives away by reading. And the olive company is just waiting for you to redesign the jar.

    I have no idea the formula to make a reader pick up a title or what drives them to buy anything. I’m lured by titles first, then blurbs, and finally a great first line. You have to pass all three tests for me to spend my money.

    Great questions.

  3. You better start thinking of the publicity shots. I’ve read your blog and I don’t think it’ll be too long before you’re America’s new Edgar Allen Poe…without the drugs, I hope.

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