A Tomboy at Heart

Recently, my kids asked me what I wanted for my birthday. (Which is Halloween, just in case you were thinking of getting me a present too.) 🙂  So I rattled off a list of things I’d love to have:  CDs (anything Metal, Alt Metal), band T-Shirts, books (anything paranormal), DVDs (from the horror genre and I’d really like a copy of the Seven Ages of Rock). In addition, I said I’ve love to go out to dinner, preferably for pizza. Sam and Ella’s in Tahlequah is my favorite pizza joint.

My youngest son looked at me, puzzled. “Mom, are you a guy?”

So I put down the remote, turned off the game, got off the couch, and went to the bathroom to check.  I looked in the mirror, then breathed a sigh of relief. Yes, I’ve got a pair: two boobs.  Whew! I’m still a girl.

But apparently I have a lot in common with guys. I mark the passing of a year by significant events in sports: the World Series, the beginning of college football, the New Year’s bowl games, March Madness, the beginning of Spring Training, baseball’s opening day, and the Indy 500. I can’t wait for Monday Night Football to start again.

I like to fish. Bar-B-Que grills fascinate me. I prefer pants to a dress any day. I wear make-up because a little paint never hurt any ol’ barn. I dread wedding and baby showers. I would’ve skipped my own, except my mother made me go.  I like lace…on other people, but I think I look like a big goofball in anything frilly. I have two pair of favorite shoes: my cowboy boots and my black converse.

A critique partner of mine observed that in my current WIP, I’ve done a great job of getting into my hero’s head.  I write strong female characters that tend to be strong, sassy, and unconventional.  They’re not girly girls, and I guess, neither am I.

But in some ways, I’m very much a woman. My favorite commercial? Any Wrangler commercial that features Brett Farve’s rear-end. Oh,yeah!

I admire women who do a bang up job of being female. I just never seemed to master the art.