Revisiting Old Friends

I wrote my first published book on a Smith-Corona word processor.  The machine  didn’t do anything other than office stuff, no email or anything, but at the time, it was better than my old (broken) Selectric and cheaper than a computer.  By the time I wrote the book, edited it, sent it around to contests and editors, re-edited it, sold it and RE-EDITED again, I was sick to death of it.  Didn’t even read the printed book in my hand for over a year.

It was on the shelves for four weeks, won some awards, landed on the USA Today Bestselling list, and like other category books, passed into history.  Since I was never able to sell Silhouette another book, I sought other markets for my next books.  Soon I started publishing under another pen name, and BABY BONUS remained a loved, but abandoned story.

A few years ago, my career seemed to be going along fine under my new pen name, so I decided to legally change my name to my pseudonym.  And while I was at it, why not “retire” my old pen name, Amanda Kramer?  I retrieved all rights on my Desire and went on my merry way.

A few months ago, several authors who have many more OOP books than I were bragging about how they “re-sell” theirold books in Kindle format.  The really nice thing is they get a larger portion of the price.  One author claimed he made over $1000 on three books.  True or not, even gettinga little more money on a book that’s just hanging around sounded cool to me.

Problem?  The disks I used to save the manuscript to would fit ONLY the S-C word processor, nothing else.  No where did I have a digital copy of that manuscript.  I had a few choices.   Re-type the entire thing.  Not!  What about using Dragon Speak to speed up the process and train the Dragon at the same time?  Eck!  It would take me longer to train the program than it would to re-type.  Pout*Pout.

Luckily, I discovered Seneca who worked her magic and converted one of the extra print copies I had to Word.  I had to edit the copy to find the few mistakes the process leaves behind, but hey!  Bingo.  I was all over it like lice on rice.  And a wonderful thing happened as I worked.

I fell in love with the story again.  Leigh is my kind of woman in love with a gorgeous, yummy guy.  And Nick is absolute adorable taking care of Leigh…and falling in love with her even though he thinks she’s pregnant with another man’s baby.  I love them! 

So now, the edits are almost done.  I’ll get another front cover made, change the title back to the original which I also love, and be ready to see this book reborn.  World, look out!  Here comes CHRISTMAS BONUS.


12 thoughts on “Revisiting Old Friends

    • I know. I’ve NEVER felt so in control of my own writing. ‘Course if this goes no where, I’ll be the one to blame. But at least, I made the try.

    • I will, Sandee. It’s a journey of exploration. Next, I have to see about a new front cover and a blurb. Here’s where I need Little Bit.

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