Life Cycles

Drama magnet, er, Meg here instead of Marilyn! 

As my friends have put up with my whining, I’ve been going through personal changes. Don’s accident meant the death of planned dreams, an intense inward focus of our lives, health, and what is really important.

Like changes in the seasons, I have to adapt. I have no choice.  I’m not a big fan of change if it isn’t initiated by moi! But maybe I should think of it as evolving.

As writers, I believe we have to evolve. Staying stagnant might sell a few books because some readers want the same old-same old heart-shaped face, eyes too large for her face, frail and needs a man to rescue her heroine.  Markets and readers change. The world changes. Life goes on in cycles.

So as I step back from writing the next great novel–**snort** I’m adding, experimenting, traveling, experiencing new things, then use my writing to color in emotion, texture, different views. Along the way, I will know what great fun life really is when you can change.