Fall’s Here! Life begins anew!

Carrying on with what Linda started, I happy to proclaim fall is here!  Ever since I was a child, I loved the autumn season best.  Spring is nice, warm breezes after the cold.  Summer was wonderful, lots of time for outdoor activities.  And though I’m not crazy about cold weather, I enjoy winter for the cosy feelings I get, sitting indoors with hot cocoa and a good book, while the storm blows outside.

But somehow, I have a mystic connection with autumn.  I love the colors, red and gold and yellow.  I love the scent of mums, fireplaces in use, and mulled cider.  I love the crackle of dry leaves underfoot and the brash call of southbound geese.  Even as a kid, when I “play pretend” that I was getting married, my “wedding date” was October 17th.  Don’t know why.  Don’t even know when I chose that date, but when I got married for real, it was on October 17th.

Nowadays, my energy levels usually go up with the end of summer and the beginning of fall.  Before my leg went bum, I used to love walking in the early evening, wrapped in a long gray cloak (and, yes, I really had one!), enjoying the quiet neighborhood.  I wasn’t much for spring cleaning, but fall cleaning?  Well, that was a horse of a different color.  Fall is the time to clear out the debris of the past year in order to pack away the supplies for the long winter.

In a way, my upcoming switch to part-time will be the autumn of my life and I’m looking forward to it.  I see it as a time to mellow out, use the extra  time to catch up on my writing projects, and clear out the debris in my life.

Then I’m going to go into winter with a cup of mulled cider and a good book, watching the soft, white flakes float down.  Yeah, I love fall!