Fall’s Here! Life begins anew!

Carrying on with what Linda started, I happy to proclaim fall is here!  Ever since I was a child, I loved the autumn season best.  Spring is nice, warm breezes after the cold.  Summer was wonderful, lots of time for outdoor activities.  And though I’m not crazy about cold weather, I enjoy winter for the cosy feelings I get, sitting indoors with hot cocoa and a good book, while the storm blows outside.

But somehow, I have a mystic connection with autumn.  I love the colors, red and gold and yellow.  I love the scent of mums, fireplaces in use, and mulled cider.  I love the crackle of dry leaves underfoot and the brash call of southbound geese.  Even as a kid, when I “play pretend” that I was getting married, my “wedding date” was October 17th.  Don’t know why.  Don’t even know when I chose that date, but when I got married for real, it was on October 17th.

Nowadays, my energy levels usually go up with the end of summer and the beginning of fall.  Before my leg went bum, I used to love walking in the early evening, wrapped in a long gray cloak (and, yes, I really had one!), enjoying the quiet neighborhood.  I wasn’t much for spring cleaning, but fall cleaning?  Well, that was a horse of a different color.  Fall is the time to clear out the debris of the past year in order to pack away the supplies for the long winter.

In a way, my upcoming switch to part-time will be the autumn of my life and I’m looking forward to it.  I see it as a time to mellow out, use the extra  time to catch up on my writing projects, and clear out the debris in my life.

Then I’m going to go into winter with a cup of mulled cider and a good book, watching the soft, white flakes float down.  Yeah, I love fall!


19 thoughts on “Fall’s Here! Life begins anew!

  1. No snow, please! Unless it melts away the very next day!

    I love fall, too. When we first moved into this house, I was outside with the Terminex guy one day, and he commented that I should get a blower and get rid of all the crackly leaves in the yard, around the house and covering the steps to the office (because spiders hide there). I truly can’t imagine blowing, raking or sucking up all the dead leaves. I LOVE the noise they make when I walk across them. Since we always get a big pile blown into the driveway, I can scuff to my heart’s content every time I go outside.

    I love the smells of fall, too — the flowers, the leaves, the woodsmoke. I promised the grandson that we’d have a weiner roast when it got colder. I had to explain to him, of course, what that was (he’s only two). He went home and told his mom that when it got cold, he was going to grandma’s and he was going to put his weiner in a fire. 😉

  2. Being a farmer’s daughter, I love being outside in the summer time, mowing something, anything. But I also LOVE the smell of wood smoke! Nothing is better than coming home from work to find DH has already built a fire in the stove. Even this morning, stepping outside to a brisk breeze felt good. Autumn is good. Foot deep snow – bad!

    Curling up with some hot chocolate and a good book is the BEST way to spend a cold winters day.

    Thanks for showing us a little about yourself, Jackie.

    • Someone in my neighborhood has a wood burning fireplace. Every year, the first time they fire it up, I think someone’s house has caught on fire. 🙂

  3. I always get the strong sense of melancholy in the fall. The mists that hover over the road in the early morning trigger this impulse to write spooky stuff. I get my best work done at this time of year.

    Jackie, I loved the images in this post. I want to come hang out at your house, drink some cider, take a walk, kick some leaves…and howl at harvest moon.

    • Any time’s good for cake, Barbara Ann! 😉

      When I was in third grade, my teacher gave us a quiz that listed a bunch of foods and we were supposed to mark everyday food versus holiday food. I remember having a very insistent discussion with her that you could too eat pumpkin pie all year long if you wanted to.

      • Your teacher was a food Luddite, Marilyn. I mean, maybe in the old days, pumpkin pie was only for seasonal meals, but today’s world of canned foods…pumpkin is always available, right?

    • Barbara, you must be related to Stephanie Plum. Only, her favorite is birthday cake. For me, as long as it’s chocolate, I love it.

  4. Jackie,

    Fall is a wonder time for me. When the leaves turn and then drop, it opens up new vistas and things to see. I love ‘sweater weather’ and the briskness of your step when you walk outside.

    I’m not really seeing it here. Tunis is a lot like SoCal. We might not get a recognizable Fall at all. Oh well, I’ll live vicariously through your posts! spw

  5. I’m with you, Sus. How makes me totally sluggish. Sometimes when I get too hot, I can’t even eat. Wish that translated into weight loss, but unfortunetly, it usually means I overeat just before bedtime. I can end up like a blimp if we have a really long, hot summer.

  6. Jackie–
    Great post. I’m a bit more like Lynn with mood in the fall. But I like the temperature change from blazing to mild chill–until my toes get cold in my flipflops. 🙂

    I hadn’t thought of the Dark Lady….great visual…as always.


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