When’s the next Retreat???

I know.  I just got home from this year’s Retreat.  That tells you how much I enjoyed it.  First, the place we had it at, the Pine Lodge Resort, was “roughing” it luxuriously.  The individual cabins were like spacious one room apartments.  We had comfortable beds, a FULL size coffee pot, a microwave (next time I’ll bring popcorn!), and a refrigerator.  And my cabin came equipped with the greatest roommate.  I had sooo much fun sharing with you, Susan!

In addition, we had sole use of the conference center.  There was a casual sitting area in front of a fireplace and that’s where we did our work.  Only, it didn’t seem like work.  Our guest speaker, Holly Jacobs, is awesome!  She spoke to us on several areas of writing like High Concept, Breaking the Rules, and Writing is an Art, But My Kids Need Braces.  She didn’t give us an idealistic pep talk, but rather a heart to heart about how writing is a job…that you have to love to succeed.

Of course, we had good eats.  I think we can honestly call this our healthiest Retreat ever.  We had a lot of fresh fruits and veggies, yogurt, and breads.  Susan even took the fat calories out of the biscuits, gravy, and bacon she fixed for Saturday’s breakfast.  And to season it all, lots of talking, sharing, and laughing.  Which brings me to the best part of the Retreat…getting away with my RWI sisters. 

There is nothing like relaxing with people who know exactly what you’re all about.  The struggle, the successes, the hairpulling…all the things that make writing such a pain and joy.  But we also had some ghosts at the Retreat.  For all of you who couldn’t come, you were there in our hearts.  All weekend it long, it was “Ashley would love this”.  Or “Marilyn brought this”.  We thought of each and everyone of you and wished you were with us.

Next year!  Plan on it.  Hey, is it too early to start planning next year’s Retreat?


15 thoughts on “When’s the next Retreat???

  1. Jackie,

    I’m going to BE there next year. I’m planning on it. I might be jet-lagged, but I’m going to be there. I don’t like missing getting together with my writer friends!! spw

  2. No ma’am it’s not too early to start planning and looking forward to next years retreat! Sandee just stated she’ll be there, and I’m sure the other members that couldn’t make it this time will pencil it in on their calendar’s so nothing will interfer with that weekend (2nd weekend of October, ladies).

    The only bad thing is, we have to wait a whole year before we do it again. 😦 But in the meantime, we’ll all get tons of writing done. 🙂

  3. Really sorry I missed the retreat, and seeing all of you.
    The 2nd weekend in October is also the set date for check-out dives at Lake Travis for the dive classes.

  4. I missed y’all so much — the first retreat I’ve ever missed!

    I will definitely plan my next surgery with the retreat in mind.

  5. I vote yes. It was a new experience for me also. I always thought I could NEVER write with someone else in the room. Must be I can never write with someone who ISN’T aother writer in the room.

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