Saturday afternoon I went to a Celebration of Life. This wasn’t really a funeral, but a gathering of family to socialize, eat, and share memories of a woman who treated me as one of her kids. Those few hours spent with others made me realize how important the people we surround ourselves are.

Sometimes you will never know how you will impact a person. Sometimes you might see how they have affected your world. Sometimes you will embrace the change they’ve made on you.

As writers, we get the opportunity to share our words, and hopefully, change our readers–if only for a fleeting moment, or a lifetime.

10 thoughts on “Share

  1. You’re so right, Meg. Virtually every author I know has gotten mail from readers saying just that. It’s a really humbling thing, to know that there are people out there that you’ll never know but your book has helped them through a difficult time or given them hope or let them escape the demands of life for a few hours.

    Love the idea of a celebration of life!

  2. In a way, RWI is my “Celebration of Life”. If it weren’t for you guys, I’m not sure how long I’d be able to stay the course. Especially when the writing is going bad. So thanks, Meg, for being one of those people who shows me my importance.

    • Jackie–
      You are so important to me–I’ll never forget the first time I met you at NORA! ACK, that ages us. You were inspirating then, and you are now.
      Thank you for being so generous.

  3. Thanks, Meg for the reminder. When I read this I thought about a story I heard the late Erma Bombeck tell. She got a letter from a fan telling her how much her columns and books made her laugh at the simplest things. She ended the letter by telling Erma she wished she’d discovered her writings before she killled her children. She wrote the letter from prison. That story sent a chill down my back, but I’ve never forgotten it.

  4. Lynn–
    Wow! I never heard that story. Sent chills down my back too.
    I know when things were going rough for me, I would read something that would give me hope.
    Thank you too for your Scary Mondays! You’ve got an awesome following.

  5. Meggy!

    Great post! I’ve never written to my favorite authors and told them how much I appreciate their words. I guess I figure they know they’re the bomb cause they’re published.

    I do try to share my appreciation for all the people who touch my life, good or bad. Whether they teach me to love harder or live smarter.

  6. Meg,

    As always, in a few words, you have wrung a great deal of emotion out of me. I love the idea of a celebration of life instead of a funeral. As families, we have to recognize that sometimes we only get together for the bad things… we have to make time for the good things.

    As an Irish Catholic, we’ve always embraced the Wake. The night before the funeral, you say the Rosary. The day of the funeral you have the Mass and then the interment. Then you go back to someone’s home for the Wake.

    During the Wake, you tell all the funny stories. You cry on each other’s shoulders but you laugh. You celebrate that person’s life. When you lose a loved one, the ones left behind will always mourn. It’s important that they always remember too. I want to be remembered for the impact that I had on the lives around me. And I want my friends to poke fun at me and laugh about all the stupid stunts I pulled. Laughter is an excellent legacy. spw

  7. I’m sorry for your loss, Meg but it sounds as if she left you with some wonderful memories.

    Most of us don’t think of how we impact others lives, but we do affect people in ways we may never know. We do this as a person as well as with our writing.

    Thank you for the beautiful post.

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