I Blog, therefore I Am

Hi!  Will Shakespeare here.  Today was the real pits.  See, I’m working on this new play and I just can’t think of a title.  It’s about a guy named Romeo who is in love with Juliet, a girl from a family his family is feuding with.  I thought about calling it THE HATFIELDS vs THE MCCOYS, but I dunno.  Whadda think?

The above is what I fantasized could have happened if the Internet had been around in old Will’s day.  I know the prevailing wisdom says that blogging is very important for the wannabe writer.  But that’s what was said about putting out a newsletter, joining chat groups, and various other online activities.  Today, there are millions of blogs, websites, loops, lists, etc. And now there is Facebook, Twitter, My Space..oh, my!  So many online avenues, how does a writer promote themselves most effectively?

First, prioritize.  How much time are you willing to spend AWAY from your writing?  What are you comfortable doing?  Will your participation strengthen your brand or dilute it?

Second, once you decide what you are going to do, do it well.  If you blog, make your blogs well-thought out, correctly spelled posts.  If Facebook or Twitter works for you, don’t sound like an idiot.  Personally, I don’t care if you have a PB&J sandwich for lunch or that you’re on your way to get a pedicure.  And to be honest, if I had the kind of readers who wanted to know that about me….well, it sounds like stalking to me.

Third, don’t be a constant advertisement.  If you’re mentioning your newest title in every post, stop!  If you can’t say anything without tying it to your last book, you need to take time out with your family; the writing has taken over your life.  Instead, look for some way to make yourself stand out with what ever venue you choose.

And last, but not least, keep current.  I know!  I’ve got my nerve saying this when I haven’t updated my website in months, but part of the problem is my belief that the Internet is too crowded and I’m trying to spread myself too thin.  So, I’ve come to the decision that I’m going to do what I want and what I do best…write my stories.  I’ll use the ‘Net for promotion, but you won’t find me everywhere.  You won’t find me leaping on the newest Internet ‘wonder’ to come along unless it’s something I can participate with a full heart.