I Don’t Want To Write About Them!

Everyone knows that I’m into the woo-woo stuff. SF, aliens, vampires, and various other lifeforms. I saw all the episodes of Twilight Zone, X-Files, and Lost. If it has to do with the weird, bizarre, “way out there”, I’m your girl.

Except for zombies. And angels. And demons. Yep, I do have my boundries. And you know why I don’t write about them? Because I don’t read books about them. And why not?

Zombies are flat out icky. Rotting flesh falling off. No doubt, the smell would choke a horse. And eating brains? Gag me with a shovel, please. Everytime I see a commercial with zombies in it, I have to take a shower.

Now let’s discuss angels. Only one person has EVER written believable angelic visitors. Most of the time, angels in books are just too cute, too sweet. Give me a break. They stand at the feet of the Supreme One and when they get to Earth, all they can do is act like college students on spring break. Then there is how they constantly intefere in a burgeoning relationship. Whatever happened to free will? Who’s the only person to write angels I can read? Marilyn Pappano. If you haven’t read her Bethlehem series, treat yourself. If you can’t find the books, I’ll let you borrow mine, but you’ll need your own angels to save your hide if you don’t return them.

Last, but not least, what’s the attraction to demons? Maybe I went to the wrong Sunday school. I guess you could call them the ultimate “bad boys”, but the demons I visualize aren’t tortured souls redeemed by the love of a good woman. They are beings that rejoice in the evil they do. They rule in hell, punishment to sinners and, if ever released, collect all unclaimed souls. Besides, aren’t they also squat, ugly red guys? Eccch! What woman in her right mind would want that on her arm as she trots around town.

So how about you? Are there any characters you can’t read? If so, what would you do if the market turned to that character?


15 thoughts on “I Don’t Want To Write About Them!

  1. I’m writing about demons, but not as heroic material. I agree they are evil incarnate attempting to turn as many souls as possible. In my story, they are getting their just desserts. My hero is an elven mage.

    I don’t get human ‘dragons’ either, though I did read one contest entry a while back that made it believeable–he was cursed to be human. 🙂

    Vampires are parasites . . . ’nuff said.

  2. I generally don’t go for Zombies, but Sabriel by Garth Nix is amazing. Demons – I write them, but they’re definitely the bad guys and believe me, you wouldn’t want to sleep with one. Angels – it depends on how they’re written. Laura Kretz writes totally gutsy ones and I’d like to see more like that. I’ll check out Isomerville and hopefully meet one of her ‘darned good angels’

    • But there’s a lot of women out there who love them because there are a lot of books about them. I’m reading Jeanine Frost’s Cat and Bones series, and Bones is definately NOT tortured or lost. He’s in her face from the start, and when he takes her on as his bad vampire killing partner, he puts her through a brutal boot camp to toughen her up.

  3. Thanks for the nod for my Bethlehem angels, Jackie!

    I’m kind of split here: if there’s no paranormal involved, I love angsty dark stuff, but if it is paranormal, I need some light and humor with it.

    Won’t read demon heroes. Can accept them just fine as villains, but never as heroes.

    Read a book once where the heroine was part horse and the hero was part bird. Icky, icky. After the first sex scene, I had to skip the rest. Those images were soooo wrong.

    Secondary characters who are ghosts are fine, but I don’t like them as heroes/heroines (unless the other is a ghost as well).

    Trying to read a book now where the hero is a shapeshifter. I normally don’t have a problem with that, but he keeps rubbing his head on the heroine and purring (he changes into a big cat) when he’s in his human form. Ugh.

    If the market turned entirely toward demons/ghosts/whatever, I’d have to branch out and fine myself a new home. Women’s fiction or maybe mystery.

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