Amazing Race

One of my favorite reality shows is Amazing Race because of the fantastic places the contestants  travel. Places I will probably never see in person. And the tasks they have to accomplish before being able to venture to the next destination are often stressful.

This show appeals to my wilder side although I couldn’t do one leg on my best day. One, no one would be my partner as I tend to snap when tired, hungry, no sleep, hungry, tired, and frustrated. DH is pretty saintly when it comes to putting up with me in one of my moods. Two, the editing on me would show a raving lunatic because when I get tired, hungry, no sleep. . . Ugly American would take on a new meaning.

But my characters can travel and be uber bouncy, not sarcastic and snipey.


7 thoughts on “Amazing Race

  1. Meg,

    Love the SCUBA toenails! Amazing Race is one of those shows that I’ve never even watched. I’m not much on TV anyway, but I mostly avoid reality TV like it’s contagious. You are one of many of my friends that love that show… I think it has to be the extent that people are willing to go for a huge payoff. Any time people really stretch, really put themselves ‘out there’, we find ourselves glued to the story and cheering them on. spw

    • Sandee–
      You’re right about putting yourself out there and stretching. You are doing the same thing. How many people would move to a foreign country at a moment’s (OK, I know you had more) notice?
      Thanks about the diver’s toes. Been a trend on the Scuba Toys forum.

  2. I’d be your partner. I’ve always got food, water and sleeping pills.

    Unfortunately, I’m not one of those who would do just about anything for money. 😦

    And you could NEVER be as much an Ugly American as Fran from New York on your dive boat!!!

  3. THE AMAZING RACE is the ONLY reality game I’ll watch. I love it! I would never be a contestant, but I’d love to go to the places and there are many of the tasks I’d like to try…just not in a hurry where I’m killing myself.

    • Right, Jackie! I want to try but not for speed.
      We could be part of the crew…your nursing skills and my….Okay, they need someone to test out the roadblocks! 🙂

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