I’m Behind, But I’m Winning!

Don’t gag, but yes, another blog about NaNoMo.  For those of you who have slept since you last heard about the National Novel Month, that’s the national challenge authors accept the call to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days.  By today, participants should have completed 26, 672 words.  So far, I’ve completed 7,081.  Way less than I should have.

Actually, I would have had 12, 581, except I wrote myself into a corner and had to dump 55oo words.  I’m not sure if that’s allowed; if not, it makes no difference.  I might not be officially in the challenge but I intend on keeping on.  Why?  Because I’m winning!

My primary goal was NOT to end up with a 50,000 novel.  I had several alternative motives for joining NaNoMo.

First, I wanted to change my identity as a writer.  I want to treat writing, not as something I do in my spare time, but as an actual SECOND job.  I told my family I wouldn’t answer my phone in the mornings unless the call concerned fire, blood, or an emergency with my father.  I’ve signed up at the hospital to work extra four hours shifts if they need me…but never in the morning.

Second, I joined NaNoMo to get myself back in the habit of writing every day.  Yes, I do give myself permission to miss a day now and then, but so far, I’ve only missed one day.  A couple of times, I’ve missed writing in the morning, but I have written sometime during the day.  It hasn’t always been NaNoMo.  I discovered I missed working on my other stuff, so sometimes, that’s what I worked on.

Third, I wanted to get back the joy of writing free-form.  I haven’t been able to completely keep the internal editor off, but most of time, she’s muzzled.  I have learned I can no longer work without a synopsis!  Me, who once was able to sit down and write a short story straight through without stopping, now find myself having to write each scene ONLY after blocking out what is going to happen in the scene.  Ack!!  Oh, well, next year, I’ll have a synopsis ready and will STILL write without the editor nagging me.

I’m meeting all these personal goals, so though I may not end the month with a 50,000 word novel, I will find myself an author who is making her work a priority, who writes almost every day, and enjoys writing again. 

I’m winning!


8 thoughts on “I’m Behind, But I’m Winning!

    • I’m getting there, Margaret. Had almost forgotten how much fun writing can be when you aren’t paying attention to so many details.

    • Got my horror story finished and hope to finish my TEARS scene this week. Of course, I still have two and a half shifts to work yet. Gaahh!

    • The thing that really astounds me is that even though I may not reach goal this year, I’m already thinking of joinging up next year.

  1. That’s the way, Sus! I may not have 50,000 words by the end, but I’m NOT giving up, no matter what. I’m hoping to go to the write-in next Monday…and that’s after working a 12 hour shift! But it’s the only time I will get to write Monday.

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