My Best of 2010

Remember a week or two ago, I asked you to start thinking about your best list for 2010. A couple of our overachievers already posted some of theirs, but for the rest of the slugs, like me, today’s the day I’m expecting — even pleading for — your lists. Give me inspiration, some new things to read/see/listen to. Broaden my horizons.

My own list — not comprehensive by any means because, let’s face it, my memory is as faulty as the electrical cord my pupper, Jack, once chewed through. Still, here are some of the highlights for me:

— Watching “Shrek” 57 times. (When our grandson comes to spend the day with us, he walks into the house, grins and says, “I need frozen Snickers, Diet Dr. Pepper in MY glass and Shrek.”)

— A late-winter retreat with Slut Meg to a cabin in the southeastern Oklahoma woods and an early spring getaway to Casa del Sol B&B over by Turner Falls, OK. Wonderful, productive times that recharged me exactly the way I needed.

— Total knee replacement. I’ve had osteoarthritis in both knees since I was a teenager, and the right one was so broke-down that we tossed it out and put in a new one. Rehab’s tougher — and more ongoing (four months down, about eight to go!) — than I expected, but hey, I’ve got a new knee, and this pain WILL go away!!

— Kindle. I bought it thinking it would come in handy during all the hours of physical therapy. I’ve read A TON since then!! Some of my favorites: Silent in the Grave, Silent in the Sanctuary, Silent on the Moor and Dark Road to Darjeeling by Deanna Raybourn; Invisible, In Plain Sight, On the Run and Stranded, the Ivy Malone books, by Lorena McCourtney; Somewhere Along the Way by Jodi Thomas; and The Native Star by M. K. Hobson. Now I’m loving The Help by Kathryn Stockett.

— Cozumel!! I hadn’t been out of the country except to Calgary and Tijuana. Loved loved LOVED it, even if I did have cane in hand and ice packs at the ready. The sun, the ocean, the people, the laziness, the rest, the companions . . . I wanna go back!

The worst of 2010: my pupper, Jack, died in June. We got him as a puppy when he’d been hit by a car and needed hourly care. He attached himself to me right away, sitting nearby, sleeping against my legs, going to the office with me every day. He was a German shepherd/Jack Russell terrier and a little guy, no more than 50 pounds, but he (and everyone else) thought he was a 900-pound gorilla. We had 12 wonderful years with him,, and it broke our hearts to lose him, but he’ll always be with us in memory and in love.

So tell me — especially you guys who read but never comment (please, please, pretty please) — what was good in your 2010?

New Year’s Non-Resolutions

Don’t flinch; you are not about to hear about my New Year’s resolutions, though they’re doozies.  What I’m going to write about are the resolutions that I WON’T be making this year…or any other year for that matter.

First, I’m not resolving to lose weight.  I gave that fight up with my 50th birthday.  I accept that chocolate cake is my BFF and that a fully loaded baked potato is my soul mate.  The best you will get out of me is that I’ll do my best not to gain more than one pound a year until I die.

Second, I’m not resolving to learn how to garden.  Every spring when my kids come over for Mother’s Day to clean out my garden and plant new flowers, I promise myself that I will keep it up.  But within weeks, the weeds have taken over and my solar light turtles are lost from sight.  I just don’t have a green thumb.  Heck, I think I’m allergic to gardening gloves!

Third, I’m not resolving that once a week I’m going to visit one culturally enriching activity.  Every since I started working three days a week (12 hours or 8 hours), I told myself that I would visit the local museums, the zoo, or maybe get a season pass to the local symphony.  Do I make it?  Nada!  I just can’t find the time.  Of course, I somehow do seem to always make Arby’s every week for a Jamoca Shake.  Hmmm.  What’s that all about?

It’s not that I’ll NEVER do this things.  It’s just that I won’t make official commitments to perform them.  I won’t promise to lose weight, but if I should happen to be more careful with my diet and it happens, great!  What a wonderful surprise.  If I manage to keep one plant alive for longer than the summer, count it as a miracle.  And, I’ll probably still make it to the zoo or museums, but it won’t be scheduled.  It’ll be a spontaneous treat to myself.

And that’s how my New Year’s non-resolutions go.  Most of them are little things.  No resolutions to shoot drivers who run yellow lights.  No promises to smack parents up aside the head who let their toddlers run the family.  No commitments to take over the world even if I do know I can run things better than the present clowns.

Now, I have to get to work on resolutions I have a better chance of succeeding with than my non-resolutions.  I resolve to…

The Lull

The break between Christmas and New Year–the Lull. Are you going to reflect on goals met for 2010, or focus on 2011?

I’m doing neither at the moment. I’ve been told I’m not a dedicated (I take this to mean real) writer because: I don’t write everyday; I’m not producing new just recycling old; too many other irons in the fire;  I’m not good enough for New York; I don’t make goals so I can’t measure or push myself. Pick one or several–I’ve decided that no one can set my writing schedule, and if I listen to others, I will never find my own way.

And that’s what writing is all about, isn’t it? Knowing yourself, finding your voice (that’s a whole ‘nuther blog topic), then proceeding how you write best.  

Have a blissful lull whether you still have a house full, or like me in a silent peaceful house.

It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This!

You ever hear this old adage?  In my family, we said it when the small successes filled us with joy.  Take this weekend, for example.  Did I get my house decorated for Christmas?  No.  I spent both days doing laundry, making three of my winter soups (white chili, black bean, and taco soup), and watching true crime TV.  At the end of the weekend, I stood in front of my open freezer. Yep, it doesn’t get any better than this!
Another task I did that I’d been putting off was catching up my dishes.  I’m NOT one of those people who cleans their kitchen as they go.  So by the time I had all my soups finished, I was faced with a sink full of dirty dishes and pans.  So whining every minute, I did my dishes.  I had so many, I had to hand dry a lot of them.  It’s a tradition in my family that any dishes you can’t get stacked in the drainer, you have to dry them.  But once done, my heart was singing “It doesn’t get any better than this!”

 Today, I finished all my Christmas shopping.  I hate shopping!  I especially hate Christmas shopping.  All those people rushing around.  Trying to find a parking space in the crowded lots.  Sore feet, large headache, empty wallet.  But I love my family, so I want them to have what they want, so I do it.  Then, when I got home and stacked it all up ready to wrap tomorrow, I beam and tell myself that it doesn’t get any better than this.

I know, I know, it takes so little to thrill me.  But that’s what writing does for me.  When I get it done, when I read it through and feel the exact emotion I was going for, that’s another “it doesn’t get any better” moment.  And now, since my goal for this blog was to learn how to insert pictures (even if mine aren’t as beautiful as the rest of yours), I’m going to reward myself.

And I’m not sharing!

Yeah, it doesn’t get any better than this, does it?

I Tied-I Lost-I Won!

Meg here!

On one of my diving forums, a member held a contest–to finish the story. He started out with a page set up, and I, being goaded by some members, entered. I tied for 3rd! We were to guess a number between 1 – 1000. My number–what else?–209. I lost.

Then today, I received a private message that the guy who finished 2nd gave ME his prize! Woo Hoo. Wasn’t that awesome? VX had a much better story–written aka Mickey Spillane.

What was fun about this challenge was the short 250 words to complete the story, get the creative juices going, and to read the other stories written with our scuba characters!

Thanks, VX! And thanks for the awesome signature line!

Merry Christmas, Y’all!!!!

End of the Year Lists

We’ve got less than two weeks left in 2010 — meaning we’re facing those dreary recaps: Politics in 2010. Biggest stories. Best movies. Greatest sports moments. Blah.

I’d rather get some lists that are actually useful. Books you’ve read that I might want to read. Dishes you’ve made that I might want to try. Movies you’ve seen or places you’ve gone or incidents/stories/jokes that made you spew tea through your nose. (Yes, Sandee, I’m thinking of you.)

You don’t have to post today. Hey, you don’t HAVE to post at all. There are a lot of people out there who read this blog regularly but never comment at all. Make that your 2011 resolution: I will comment at least once on the terrifically entertaining witty Sluts blog. Commenting will make you an honorary Slut. Isn’t that worth a moment to say hello?

Just think about it, and when you have a list of good books/movies/music/food, funny stories, or anything at all that struck you as good about 2010, you’ve got just under two weeks to let us know.

Make a Slut happy. Share. 🙂