Truer words were never said…

Picked up this little gem on a couple of my writer loops last week.  Almost drowned on my ice tea because I was laughing so hard.  As they say, been there, heard that, got the bruises from banging my head against the wall.  But this scenario is soooo true!

  Watch at your own risk.  Don’t be drinking anything!

Fortunately, I was never THAT naive about the publishing business.  I knew right from the get-go that getting published was hard work and luck, not necessarily in equal proportions.  That’s why I went to classes, workshops, conferences, etc.  And because the business is always changing, it’s why I keep going to classes, workshops…well, you know.

But there seem to be a lot of people who think there is some magic to getting published.  And I’ve heard ALL of these clichés that the wannabe author says.  Have to admit…I’ve never told the clueless wannabe about going to my car and getting a gun.

But it sounds like a good idea.  They need to be put out of my misery.


8 thoughts on “Truer words were never said…

  1. What a hoot!!

    OMG, it reminded me of a woman interviewed in the local paper one of the places we were stationed. She’d written a category romance and submitted it to an editor, who rejected it but gave her some suggestions to make it more saleable and even asked to see the revised version.

    At the time of the interview, the “author” was in the process of making those revisions, but she wasn’t sending the final manuscript back to that editor because “she had her chance and blew it.”

    Oh, and the woman had already gone down to the local Jaguar dealer to pick out the car she was going to buy because there was no doubt in her little pea brain that her advance was going to be a minimum of $75,000, and then, of course, the royalties would come rolling in.

    I laughed over that for ages — still do, apparently.

    • In a way, almost the same thing happened to me. When I sold my Desire, Gloria Harchar should me a house across the street from her sister that I ABSOLUTLY loved. $900,000! She told me I had it made in the shade with my sale and that I’d be able to afford it with all the “money” that would be pouring in from now on. Luckily, I listened to my inner voice that said, no. Even now I get chills when I think how I could have had that house and not be able to make payments.

  2. LOLOL
    I’ve met that person. Except in my case, it was the other way around. Someone I worked with had the same idea in their head…that all I had to do was finish a rough draft and then it should be sold. Pure and simple. She grilled me on it! Until I almost bit her for her ignorance and her ever present ‘pushing me for my own good’ attitude. Sheesh. She also didn’t want to hear ‘the truth’.

    • Yeah, I see the same thing with my co-workers. They don’t understand why I’m still working if I can sell my writing. When I explain to them that only about 1% of all American writers actually make a living at it, and most of those as technical writers, they’re blown away.

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