WS Meg here. Are you  better with a deadline, even self-imposed, or without?

With everything that has assailed me lately, I’m definitely better with a deadline. Even if I don’t quite make it–I’m writing this Monday night for posting tomorrow–I missed getting something on-line tonight.

Sometimes, I try to be Superwoman–Megadeath–be all, end all, can get it all done in a moment, until I super-stress myself out. The meltdown is scary–just ask Don!

As much as I simplify, I complicate. If I had spinning plates on dowel rods, I’d be doomed. Doomed! I tell you! I survived today only by having a detailed list and checking off one thing at a time. Due to my advanced age, I found that my mind would wander along with my feet in doing other tangent things.

Back to the list. What did I HAVE to get done?

So…I want to know? Are you better with a deadline or not?


5 thoughts on “Deadlines

  1. Meg,
    The answer to your question is: sometimes yes, sometimes no. For instance, when I’m trying to complete my first draft and it’s coming up on December, I’ll bust my rear to get it completed before the December meeting. A self imposed deadline. However, at other times, I’ll tell myself I’ll have revisions done, etc before a certain date. Yet I’ll still blow off the deadline. Don’t know why I do that to myself…let other things interfer with what I really need to be doing.

    Btw, your memory loss isn’t due to your age. You simply have too much on your plate and can’t keep up with it all. But I can’t live without my lists, either.

  2. Meg,

    I totally do better with a deadline. That’s why critiquing weekly was so good for me. I can get distracted by anything shiny that catches my eye…

    I have often imagined my life as a bunch of plates spinning on dowels with me running back and forth trying to keep them all going… spw

    • Sandee–
      It’s a scary thought about all those plates, and then I’d have to clean up the broken china, find a cut-proof bag to place the pieces in.

      Weekly critique kept me on my toes.

  3. Huh, the universe ate my comment from yesterday. Naturally it was incredibly brilliant and pithy and this one won’t even come close to matching it. 😉

    Deadlines work for me sometimes, but just as often don’t. Sometimes I have to force myself to make a list and DO them because the undone things are a source of anxiety for me. You can only say “later” for so long.

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