Wishin’ & Hopin’

Plannin’ and dreamin’

Tis the season. . .

My mind is anywhere but Christmas, although I got the lights up, house as decorated as I’m gonna this year. What I really want is a warm sandy beach with free beverage service, excellent company, and a few dives. Any other diversions will be just fine too. So…I thought I’d leave y’all with a few of my favorite pictures.


12 thoughts on “Wishin’ & Hopin’

  1. Meg,

    I have to admit that YOUR idea of a beach, unlimited beverage services and some sun sounds really good to me right now. The fact that I’m living near a beach and it’s accessible doesn’t lessen the allure of the fantasy one bit!

    I love Christmas. There are lots of things that I’m missing a bit right now. Your post reminded me that there are tons of things I’m thankful for that are right here… within my grasp. Every single day. I’m blessed!! spw

  2. Love the pictures! Especially the last one. How much had he had to drink at that point. 🙂

    Since we’re sitting in a deep freeze right now, the pictures of the water, sand and island life made me feel a little warmer. Thanks!

    • Thanks, Linda!
      That’s George, and he’s an awesome diver, great party guy. Can you tell? He hadn’t had that much to drink. It was a great costume Halloween party. Last year he came as Maxine.

      It is warming up here, and I’m glad.

  3. Love the pictures — loved the experience even more. Tropical beach is sounding better by the moment. I haven’t been warm since we were in Cozumel. It’s been so cold I have to thaw the metal in my knee before I can do anything!

  4. Wonderful pictures! I don’t know what it is, but I’m certainly not in the mood for the holidays this year either. Although, you got further than I did by at least getting your lights up. The beach, on the other hand, is something I could very easily immerse myself in the experience of. Perhaps it’s time to crank up the heat, don some shorts and a tank top, then make yourself a daiquiri or three?

      • Absolutely we need Silvio & Miriam. They knew us so well!
        And we can’t forget Anita, who made all those cute towel animals and kept our rooms spotless.

        I’m checking flights!

    • Hey, Kimberly!!
      Thanks for dropping by! Good idea with cranking up the heat, and oh yeah, daiquiris! Ymmmm. Wonder if I could get the DH to dress in his Hawaiian shirt to serve them?

      Please stop back by! Loved your comments!!

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