Merry Christmas, Sandee

You said keep the Christmas pictures coming, so these are are for you.

My latest flamingo acquisition, courtesy of the kiddos

My little cowboy tree

The tree

Angel made by Slut Susan a few years ago

We gave these to everyone in our son's squad in Iraq and kept a few for our own tree.

Every queen needs a castle.

Ornaments I've painted.

Cross-stitched by Margaret Golla.

You gotta have handmade ornaments with kiddos' pictures. My son and niece.

And tons of military ornaments, too.

The "demonic" Santa and Mrs. Claus I inherited from Mom. The kids think they've escaped them, but little do they know. Beware of packages on your doorstep next Christmas.

Isn't she lovely?

He's about as tall as I am. It's just that his legs are lots skinnier.


9 thoughts on “Merry Christmas, Sandee

  1. These are GREAT fun! That Santa is freaky. I’m glad I don’t have to expect a package on my doorstep, because, well, it would cost a bloody fortune to ship that nastiness to me!! I went into a friend’s house over the Thanksgiving break and they had put up their Santa collection… and there was one crazy Santa who kept looking at me. Does everyone who collects Santa end up with one creepy one? Just like we all end up with one picture of our kids trying to escape the peg legged Santa in the mall? spw

    • Mom LOVED that Santa and Mrs. Claus and put them on the front porch every year. My kiddo came home on leave and thought they looked demonic, and the younger kids picked it up from him. When it came time to divvy up Mom’s stuff, the rule was if no one else wanted it, the person who bought it had to take it, so . . .

      But next year I get to deliver them to someone and they HAVE to display them. Both Brandon and Lauren insisted their kids were too young to traumatize this year. 😉

  2. Marilyn–
    Love the pictures!! Love the flamingos!
    I ‘had’ a Santa collection, and yes, there was a creepy one. Didn’t even get them out this year, or last.
    Had an elf that I put inside the tree every year until Amy told me it was scary. 🙂
    My kids hated Santa.
    I take Christmas pictures despite the fact the kids hate those too.

    • Aren’t the flamingos a hoot? I wanted to get the tall one a Santa stocking, but his head is too skinny, so I found the bandanna instead.

      I only got out a couple Father Christmases, though my mantel is filled with angels.

      And I’m gonna try to post a video of the pupper-in-a-stocking singing “Feliz Navidad.” 😉

  3. Wow, I had forgotten that I cross-stitched that for you. I don’t cross-stitch much any longer as these old eyes get too bleary too fast. I did manage to crochet a cute hat for my kidlet in about an hour–now she wants me to make a matching scarf for Christmas. Guess I need to start crocheting.

  4. Thank you, ma’am. Doesn’t he look cute? I may have to let him live inside until warm weather returns. I could get him a Valentine’s bandanna, then a St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, etc.

    The flamingo tree stays up year round in my office. I haven’t made it down there with the camera, but I will.

    It is starting to look holiday-ish, isn’t it?

  5. Love the pictures, Marilyn. My house isn’t quite that decorated but I’ve got up what I need. Like a tree. Now all I need are packages under it. hehe

    • No packages under our tree usually. For one thing, the darn tree is tied to the top of a table (I have hooligan puppers — ’nuff said) and the ropes don’t leave much room for gifts. Plus I usually don’t shop until the last minute — not even then if I can get my sister or kiddo to buy for me. (My sister even wraps. Can’t beat that deal!)

  6. Wow, indeed. If we make it over there, maybe I should pad my bag with holiday wrap, then offer it for sale or trade. 😉

    But I can’t think of a better person to be forced to get creative!

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