It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This!

You ever hear this old adage?  In my family, we said it when the small successes filled us with joy.  Take this weekend, for example.  Did I get my house decorated for Christmas?  No.  I spent both days doing laundry, making three of my winter soups (white chili, black bean, and taco soup), and watching true crime TV.  At the end of the weekend, I stood in front of my open freezer. Yep, it doesn’t get any better than this!
Another task I did that I’d been putting off was catching up my dishes.  I’m NOT one of those people who cleans their kitchen as they go.  So by the time I had all my soups finished, I was faced with a sink full of dirty dishes and pans.  So whining every minute, I did my dishes.  I had so many, I had to hand dry a lot of them.  It’s a tradition in my family that any dishes you can’t get stacked in the drainer, you have to dry them.  But once done, my heart was singing “It doesn’t get any better than this!”

 Today, I finished all my Christmas shopping.  I hate shopping!  I especially hate Christmas shopping.  All those people rushing around.  Trying to find a parking space in the crowded lots.  Sore feet, large headache, empty wallet.  But I love my family, so I want them to have what they want, so I do it.  Then, when I got home and stacked it all up ready to wrap tomorrow, I beam and tell myself that it doesn’t get any better than this.

I know, I know, it takes so little to thrill me.  But that’s what writing does for me.  When I get it done, when I read it through and feel the exact emotion I was going for, that’s another “it doesn’t get any better” moment.  And now, since my goal for this blog was to learn how to insert pictures (even if mine aren’t as beautiful as the rest of yours), I’m going to reward myself.

And I’m not sharing!

Yeah, it doesn’t get any better than this, does it?


7 thoughts on “It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This!

  1. WOW, Jackie!!!
    Great post! Your pictures are perfect, as is your house! I’m jealous here.
    You’re so right about “it doesn’t get any better than this.”
    Did I tell you I like cupcakes? With sprinkles!

  2. Oh, Jackie, you’ve mastered one of the most important lessons in life: taking pleasure and satisfaction in the small things. I was coming home one evening, driving up the final hill, and had to slow down for a couple of deer crossing the road. Hawks were circling the valley where our pond is, and the western sky was the most incredible palette of pinks and lavenders and golds. It was nothing unusual, but it was definitely one of those it-doesn’t-get-any-better moments.

    BTW, cleaning the kitchen is one tradition I’ve given up!!

    • Tell me about it! I’ve gotten to the point that after I’ve cleaned the kitchen up, I hate dirting it again. So I usually go pick up dinner; that way the kitchen stays clean for at least a day.

  3. Love your pictures and your philosophy, Jackie. You’re right. It DOESN’T get any better than this!

    My hubby’s favorite saying — LIFE IS GOOD.

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