The Lull

The break between Christmas and New Year–the Lull. Are you going to reflect on goals met for 2010, or focus on 2011?

I’m doing neither at the moment. I’ve been told I’m not a dedicated (I take this to mean real) writer because: I don’t write everyday; I’m not producing new just recycling old; too many other irons in the fire;  I’m not good enough for New York; I don’t make goals so I can’t measure or push myself. Pick one or several–I’ve decided that no one can set my writing schedule, and if I listen to others, I will never find my own way.

And that’s what writing is all about, isn’t it? Knowing yourself, finding your voice (that’s a whole ‘nuther blog topic), then proceeding how you write best.  

Have a blissful lull whether you still have a house full, or like me in a silent peaceful house.


15 thoughts on “The Lull

  1. *sigh* I HATE it when other writers feel you MUST write the way they do because it works for them. Well, woo-hoo and goody-goody for them. Everyone is different.

    I won’t beat you up, Meg, because it’s non-productive. You will find your way. Who knows? You might take a right-hand turn as you travel along your undulating writing path and discover you are really a picture book writer or you really want to write space operas ala George Lucas. Spread your wings and fly–you never know until you follow your passion

  2. I can’t count how many people over the years have told me that I’m doing it wrong because I don’t write every day, or I don’t do a storyboard, or I don’t plot out every last detail of the story before I write, or I plot too much, or I don’t do character sketches/interviews/channel their spirits! And yet I’ve still managed to sell over seventy books.

    You already know the most important thing about writing: DO IT YOUR WAY. If anyone tries to tell you differently, just smile and think of Cozumel. 😉

    I’m starting to think about what I want to differently in 2011, but I’m not down to details yet. I’ve got a few days yet. 😉

    • Sandee–
      Now for the rest of the story–
      At our hotel was a young woman who walked around in a pose that always emphasized her boobs. Somehow she got the nickname “Elbows” from the way she carried her arms bent in T-Rex fashion. Don got the best picture.

      We had names for a few other people–they deserved them. And we were being nice.

      • OMG! That is hysterical. I’m going to need to see a picture… I’ve always thought that women tried to ‘enhance their visual impact’ by putting shiny or dangly things there… I hadn’t thought about body posture. But it always gets DH’s attention when I lean my elbows on the table at a restaurant… just sayin’. spw

  3. Ditto what Marilyn and Margaret said. I’m a FIRM believer in individuality so do what’s right for YOU!

    Btw, I love your style, regardless of what you’re doing. And I’m with Sandee. Tell us about the ELBOWS.

  4. Heck, Meg, for all “they” know, your way may be the best way for all of us. We already know it’s the best way for you because it works for you. You ARE published.

    This week between Christmas and New Year’s is the week I give myself to splurge on Christmas goodies, reading, and watching TV. I don’t even think of writing…unless some story is driving me. In that case, I write with one hand and eat petit fours with the other.

  5. What matters is that you WRITE. The rest is very frequently people justifying their claims to the title of “writer” through diminishing others. Pish tosh I say! Get your write on in whatever way works for you. Hope you have a great New Year!

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