The Closer

Meg here! The Closer is a popular TV show starring Kyra Sedgwick as a kick-ass deputy police chief in Los Angeles. What she does every week is solve homicide cases. As much as I wish my writing could be wrapped up within a few days, it just doesn’t work like that.

How many of us are starters but not closers? I have a plethora of ideas, started story arcs, beginnings of chapters, short stories, then lose interest. Or the plot is wrong. Or the characters just aren’t right. Nobody said writing would be easy–or magic.

Where’s that damn fairy godmother and her wand?


10 thoughts on “The Closer

  1. She died in Shrek 2 — struck by her own evil spell. 🙂

    I’m a closer. I don’t want too much unfinished business hanging around. I’ve got four books started (besides the current WIP), but I fully intend to finish every one of them in the next couple years.

  2. I have a few story ideas that I know I’m not the right person to write it. I don’t have the emotional depth to deal with certain issues, and I like to think I’m smart enough to know my limits. Other times the story isn’t ready to be written. Or I needed to grow as a writer to learn the direction that I needed to follow.
    I don’t feel bad about not writing everything I think about, you shouldn’t either.

  3. That’s a good question, Meg. I’m not sure I know if I’m a closer or not. I have a folder of story ideas and things that I have clipped or saved for inspiration. I have a few ideas that I have plotted out. But I plan to complete them… someday. spw

  4. Yeah. Where is that fairy godmother with the magic wand? 😉 For me it isn’t necessarily the closing part but the revision part that’s my big hang up.

    Love the comparison between the show and our writing.

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