Sitting by the Fire

I have a wee problem with the central heat in my office: if you ask it to warm up by too many degrees at once, it blows the breaker. You have to let it sit for about five minutes — while the temp in the room is heading south fast — then reset it, then wait for it to come on again and hope it doesn’t blow the breaker AGAIN.

Twice, in late summer, I’ve had the repair guys come out to add freon and correct this problem. I SCHEDULED with the secretary for them to work on the HEAT. And both times the guys said nope; call us back in the fall; we’re not working on heating right now.

(Which translates, of course, to another freakin’ $80 service call.)

This morning I head off to work. It’s 21 degrees outside . . . and less than 48 in the office. (I know because that’s as low as the thermostat goes and the needle was to the left of that mark.) At some point during the night, the heat blew the breaker.

I cannot work in that kind of cold. My fingers get stiff and numb and I can’t feel the keyboard. My feet ache before going numb, too, and my brain freezes. Who cares what’s going on in beautiful Louisiana or sunny Georgia when I’m losing the sensation in parts of my body??

So today I’m working in the house. There are downsides: too many distractions, too many things that need doing, too many puppers wanting attention. But it’s warm. The heat’s turned up and there’s a fire in the fireplace and feeling is slowly returning to my toes. My brain unfroze enough for me to remember that I was nine hours late with this blog!

How are you staying warm? (And if you tell me you’re someplace where it’s sunny and 80 degrees, just know this: I hate you. I hate you so very much.)


16 thoughts on “Sitting by the Fire

  1. Yeah, I know. It IS waaaaay too cold, outside!

    But think of it THIS way . . .

    In just a few months, THE TWISTED SISTERS — you and Meg — will be enjoying your Caribbean island paradise getaway, again — along with me and Don, of course! 😉


    Visit with THE TWISTED SISTERS on their blog at:

  2. Oh, man. I wouldn’t be able to tolerate those temps, either. Sure hope you get that fixed soon. Maybe you could take a couple of the puppers down there to at least keep your feet warm until the repairman can get out there. 🙂

    • They could definitely supply some heat, but they’d be too busy sniffing. Jack was the only one allowed into the office, so it’s brand new territory for the others. They’d be running, smelling, diving under, climbing up, chewing, tasting, marking . . .

    • LOL. Isn’t it amazing the smells that can come out of our sweet puppers? Jasper, our Lab/bloodhound, used to fart, sniff the air, then move across the room. And Shadow makes a point of standing next to me when he does it. (Just lke a man, huh?)

  3. I couldn’t work in that kind of cold, and I was complaining about being outside. Kept the horse between me and the wind, then with the glorious sun shining. . .
    The dog keeps my feet warm in my office, but my fingers freeze.
    I spend most of the day outside in insulated coveralls with critters.
    Tonight, I”m by the fire all toasty warm with a dog sleeping against me.
    Try 4 dogs with noxious farts. . .oohhhweeee.
    Am wishing for a warm beach still.

    • Olivia is the most amazing heat machine. I used to let her lie on the back of my chair — head on my left shoulder, hips on my right– and it was like having a radiator curved around me. After a while, though, she hit 50 pounds, and it got uncomfy (plus was breaking down the back of the cushion).

      Maybe I should get a woodstove for my office and ditch the central heat altogether!

  4. That happened to me once at Kamp. We were staying in small cabins that had radiant heaters. That year was so cold, even stealing a heater from another cabin didn’t help. I was writing fully clothed, hat and gloves, using my lit candle to warm my fingers when they got too cold to type. And this was on my old 386 laptop that was as big as a suitcase!

    • Jackie, you win the prize for Able to Write Under ANY Freaking Condition!!!

      After the big ice storm, after 24 hours with no heat, electric or water, I crawled in bed and built a huge layer of blankets over me and curled up in the dark hoping SOMETHING would get warm. Didn’t occur to me to write at the moment!

  5. Marilyn,

    I hit Paris with three changes of clothes in my suitcase and two pair of shoes. One of which was flip flops. It was 1 degree Celsius here. Very cold. Luckily we’re staying in a heated hotel, but we have to walk damn near everywhere. So, we are adding to our wardrobe. It’s just an excuse to shop. spw

    • Do they have unheated hotels????

      I live in flipflops eight months of the year, but I have to have warmer in winter. I’m an extras packer, though. If you tell me to pack for three days, I’ll cram six outfits and three pairs of shoes into the same bag I’d be using for just the three days. I believe in having choices. 😉

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