Someone who tells me they have a ‘perfect’ marriage, children, childhood, or life, and I’ll call them a liar. We all have conflict in our life in some form or fashion–doesn’t mean it has to be as large as what’s going on in the Middle East. It is within the conflict we experience that either draws us closer or separated as far apart as the Grand Canyon. 

Conflict gives our characters and our stories depth. 

Is there a ‘conflict’ situation in a book that you really like? One you really hate?


13 thoughts on “Conflict

  1. The one I hate, Hate, HATE is the wounded dove that finally leaves the abusive partner/fiancee/lover/husband who is on her trail and hunting her down. I’m not sure why I hate that one so much, but I do.

    First, so few of those women ever manage to extract themselves and if they do, I want it to be all roses and sunshine for them. I don’t want them to be stalked by their nightmare.

    It’s personal, I know. But there it is. spw

      • Meg,

        I’m fine. In Dubai with DH. We will head back to Tunis on Friday. Then we’re there for less than a week before we head to London. He won’t leave me there alone, so I’m hanging out with him on all his travels. spw

  2. Hi, Megster —

    Right now, I’m thinkin’ B-E-L-I-Z-E or C-O-Z! Our tropical island paradise is calling our names!

    You guys ready? 😉

  3. I HATE the I’ve-been-hurt-before-so-I-can-never-love-again.

    And the a-woman-broke-my-heart-so-all-women-are-bitches.

    And the I’m-not-good-enough-for-you-you-deserve-someone-better.

  4. Wow, Sandee and Marilyn stole all of mine. The sad thing is all of those are the easiest to do, probably why they’re so overdone. So the challenge is to grab any of those oft done conflicts, but a twist to them and make them unique.

  5. I also hate the historicals where everyone believes the hero is responsible for his late wife’s murder and yet the heroine marries him away.

    I HATE the baby-left-on-a-doorstep and it never occurs to H/H to call the police, or if they do, the cops say it’s your doorstep, so it’s obviously yours, so you keep it.

      • I don’t hate the secret baby so much as the secret baby drop-off story.

        And though I’ve written a couple secret baby books (two at my editor’s request), I’m not fond of a woman keeping that kind of secret from a father. Too unforgivable most times.

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