Trapped by Snow…Again!

This will be short as I’m writing it with my pinkie on my iPhone. Yes, OK is having another snow storm, only this time I’m snowbound at work instead of at home.
I did prepare for this emergency. I packed enough uniforms to work four shifts. I packed my toothbrush, pills, and chocolate. But most important, I packed my writing stuff. I have my MIP, chapter nine, scene two and Linda’s critique piece. I even brought my netbook, not just for writing, but to write this blog. What I DON’T have is my correct password.
But am I letting that stop me? Heck no! No writer worth their salt is EVER without some way of meeting their deadline. If I can’t use my netbook, then I will post my blog by pinkie & iPhone. And I couldn’t do it this way, well, then I would pinkie write it, email it to a sister Slut, and ask them to post it. A Writing Slut never gives up!
Except when her pinkie cramps.


11 thoughts on “Trapped by Snow…Again!

  1. God Bless You, Jackie! Hitting a deadline while typing with your pinkies!!

    I’m sorry you are getting snowed in again. The weather looks dreadful there. Keep warm and take care of the little children… I know the hospital is glad to have you there. spw

    • Yahoo! I got my password. No, I didn’t remember it. I just hit and missed until I accidently typed the correct one.
      Sandee, the hospital isn’t really that full. I’m thinking that a lot of the outlying hospitals can’t get their patients here unless they’re sick enough to need intensive care.
      And you’re not going to yell at me about forgetting my password???

      • Nope, my mind is like a sieve. I won’t ever complain about losing passwords. I’ve told people that it’s okay to write them down as long as they carry them around with them (wallet or purse). It’s not okay to write them on post it notes and leave them on the desk with the computer… spw

    • And two of them today are what I call “Gerber” babies. RSV, of course.
      One bit a stupendous news…we have a five years old with Cystic Fibrosis we’ve been taking care of since she was a baby. Her lungs had become so bad, so infected with fungus, they didn’t even want to put her on the transplant list. We’ve been working for months to get her fit enough and two months ago, they put her on the list. Well, last week end, she got two new lungs and so far is tolerating the transplant. And today, they took her off the vent and the new lungs as doing all the work. I haven’t seen her so pink in years!

  2. Thank you and your pinkie.

    And if worse came to worst, you could always call one of us and dictate over the phone. We’d be happy to type/post for you.

    I hope the hospital realizes how lucky they are to have you.

    • I didn’t get off until midnight and was writing my blog at 1:00AM. Okay, hands up. Who wants me to call them at that hour to help me with their blog?

  3. I hate it that you’re trapped, Jackie. But at least you made it into work this week. Glad you were smart enough to be prepared and took extra clothes, etc as well as your electronics with you.

    Stay safe. I know the snow is more slick today compared to what we got last week. My nephew drives a mail truck and he keeps us posted re the conditions on FB.

    • I’m staying at the hospital again tonight, but don’t have to work tomorrow. I was going to, but another nurse needs to be off on Friday. I voluntered to work Friday for her, but wasn’t sure I’d get back to the hospital if I went home tonight, So they’re letting me hang here. They were worried about what I’d do to keep from getting bored. Excuse me!!? Got my netbook, my Kindle, my critique stuff, and no distractions. How could I get bored??

    • Hey, Glynis, haven’t you heard? Chocolate is the new survival food! As long as you have chocolate, nothin’ can get you down.

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