The Big Red One

If you don’t know what today is, and you’re in a relationship of any kind, then you’re in trouble because it’s . . .

Valentine’s Day!

Every day we should tell our special someone exactly how we feel about them, how our lives wouldn’t be complete without them, how much we cherish them.  I can’t imagine my life without my husband being a part of it. He caught my eye while we were in high school.  Didn’t start dating until later, then we just sort of ran around together whenever he was home on leave from the Army. Eventually the friendship grew into something stronger. Now here we are, happily married for 39 years. (My, where DID the time go?!)

A long time ago we stopped being ubber creative with Valentine’s Day. (Pretty much been there, done that.) We give each other a card or two, maybe some chocolate plus dinner and a movie. Nothing super exciting, but enough. At least it makes me happy.

What do you give your significant other? Better yet, what do you like to get? Do you make a big production out of Valentine’s Day . . . dinner, flowers, an expensive gift? That’s something we never did, the expensive gift thing. When we were first married, out of the blue he’d show up with a little gift because it caught his eye and he thought I’d like it. Nothing big, just a token of his love. So when February 14th rolled around, there really wasn’t the need. You know, I still have every single one of those little mementoes tucked away.

Now that the snow is melting and we can get out of our driveways again, do you have big plans for today? A special restaurant? Flowers? Chocolate? Do you acknowledge the day early, or wait until evening? Big production or small?

 I told you my love story, now tell me yours.


12 thoughts on “The Big Red One

  1. I never know what Don will do–scary and exciting. He always has a card, sends them to his mother & our daughters. He’s extremely romantic, and doesn’t limit this to just one day. He expressed a desire to eat at a Chinese food place because they’re serving frog & crab legs, so that’s where I’m taking him.
    I do remember when he wasn’t in my life, and I thank God that HE sent Don to me.

  2. You’ve got yourself one great guy, Meg. Just goes to prove that prayers are answered. I think it’s sweet that YOU are taking HIM out to eat and not the other way around.

    Happy Sweethearts Days!!

  3. Linda,

    Nothing tried and true. DH is not a romantic type of guy. Grouses about buying cut flowers (how can the smell of death be a token of love?) is too cheap to reliably pick out jewelry, and really doesn’t get the whole thing.

    We don’t usually eat out–cause we do that whenever we want–avoid crowds generally.

    Today, I picked up a chocolate bar and gave it to him with a smile. Tomorrow we’re flying to London. I’ll try to make that work as romantic. spw

    • Sandee,

      Not every man is mushy “romantic”. What counts is that they’re there when you need them. I’d say his wanting to keep you near while he’s traveling to keep you safe says a whole lot more than flowers. And look at the trips you’ve taken with him! Wow, you’re getting to be a world traveler on us. 😉

    • He might be out of your sight, but he isn’t out of your mind or heart. And vice versa. I’ve seen the way y’all look at each other. 🙂

  4. Bob’s more romantic than I am. I think I put it all into my books. Neither of us is overly so. We don’t do Valentine’s at all, usually don’t do more than cards for Christmas, birthdays and anniversaries. But if my feet are really cold, he’ll put a pair of heavy socks in the dryer to get hot without me asking. And he showed me an awful lot of commitment and love and patience after my knee replacement. I knew the recovery would be a lot of work for me; I had no idea how much it would be for HIM. He deserves an award for that!

    • Having someone wait on you hand and foot when you’re down is tons more meaningful than flowers. Don’t get me wrong, I love flowers and get really upset if I don’t get them for our anniversary. But for Valentine’s Day? Naw. That’s okay. Love the fact he warms up your socks for you. TOO sweet!!

  5. Larry King once stated, “I remind myself every morning: Nothing I say this day will teach me anything. So if I’m going to learn, I must do it by listening.” That is precisely how I feel. I am thankful to have learned something new today.

  6. I think that’s the hardest thing for us to do…listen. Strange how we think we have to interject our own thoughts/opinions into every conversation. Glad you learned something new today.

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

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