Wild As A

March hare? Clichés are that way usually for a reason, however, I’ve never seen any of our bunnies doing hand springs or anything else other than hop. Now, they can jump REAL high when being chased either by our ever-efficient huntress, Lizard, or Rocky the wonder dog.

I’ve been listening to Kathy Reichs’ books. She creates some very unique similes and metaphors. New writers sometimes do the same thing. How to balance the unique and the trite?

You ‘neak up on it. Bah…I know. I’m as empty as a skull.

Give me some creative similes…or metaphors. Please? I need a laugh!


10 thoughts on “Wild As A

  1. Mornin’ Meg,you sound almost as enthusiastic as a hooker working double shifts. Or as enthused as a Wal-Mart checker on the first? Here are a few more,that spring to mind? As humble as Charlie Sheen? As tight as Joan Rivers face? As calm as a Meth head on the third day? As overdrawn as Obama’s budget? As thrilled as a pedophile at a preschool? As furtive as a Baptist in a liquor store?

    Hope some of these made you giggle just a bit,maybe even just say,”Thats just wrong!”

  2. Meg,
    Sorry I don’t have any ‘funnies’ for you. (Travis did such a good job, though.) However, I think I’m the queen of cliches. They roll off my tongue with practically every breath I take. I think it goes back to the way I grew up. Who knows? Anyway, here are a few I’ve used lately.

    took his breath away
    kid in a candy store
    my ole’ stomping grounds
    honest to a fault
    an open book
    spiraled out of control
    turn back the clock

    Okay. Now tell me you don’t get what I was probably be talking about when I used each and every one of these. Yeah. Well, maybe I did use just a tad too many within those 11 pages, but hey, that just me. 🙂

  3. Meg,

    Some of my favorites are regional.

    “Crooked as a dog’s hind leg”
    “Ill as a snake”
    “Stuck to him like white on rice”
    “well butter my butt and call me a biscuit”
    “He has enough money to burn a wet horse”

    I guess those aren’t really cliches, though. spw

  4. I’m feeling as fine as a cow’s hair split three ways.

    I’m too broke to pay attention.

    It was as if their eyes had met before and already shaken hands. (That’s from a real book!)

    Once I saw some of Oprah’s old book club authors talking about their writing, and one of them explained (in laborious detail) how she’d spent an entire day coming up with one line, comparing mops to palm trees or something like that. And the others are all nodding their heads knowingly. And it was a stupid simile!!!

    • Marilyn–
      Those are great!
      I like that broke one a lot!

      I haven’t been able to slog, er, read one of Oprah’s book club books.
      If I want depressing, I’ll tune back into real life.

      • I read two of them. Hours I can never get back. One was just full of despair from beginning to the end, and the other was full of hopelessness. {{shudder}}

        I’ll stick to popular fiction, thank you.

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