Write in Crayons

Once upon a time, I wrote like a good little author: sitting at the computer, semi-proper posture (snort), acceptable font/size on the screen.

And then I got bored.

And then I heard an author say we should write the way we feel most comfortable: at the computer, by hand in a cozy chair, in turquoise ink if that’s what gets our creativity flowing. If you need to write on big sheets of paper in crayon, she said, then that’s what you should do.

I didn’t switch to paper and crayon, but I did buy some font programs, and ever since, I’ve written my books on the computer in funky fonts in funky colors. I prefer handwriting fonts, large ones that I can see easily with weakened eyes, and bright shades.

It’s not the weirdest part of my creative process, but I like it. It’s relaxing in a way, less formal. After all, how much stress can you find in paper and crayon?


8 thoughts on “Write in Crayons

  1. I leave it in the color and font until I read it the next day, then I switch it to TNR 13, just so I know where my page count is. I’m too lazy to figure it out by word count. 😉

  2. Very interesting. Maybe you should try the Crayons. Then you and the grandkiddo will have something in common. 🙂 Great idea, though, about the different size and fonts on the computer. Anything to change up the routine and keep your writing fresh. I may have to try that.

    • Linda, we spent much of Thursday afternoon in the driveway with a tub of sidewalk chalk. He drew for a while, then wandered off. I continued to draw for forty minutes . . . while he swept the driveway with the broom he found in the garage!

      I love a kid who cleans!

    • If I knew the secret to killing your internal editor, I’d gladly pass it along. Maybe we should do a version of adversion therapy (I think that’s what it’s called): where you’re forced to do whatever it is that affects you. Like someone who’s obsessive about washing her hands HAS to get them dirty and stay that way for a time. You’d have to write the worst drivel you could possibly come up with, and I’d get to smack your knuckles with a ruler if you tried to go back and fix anything. 😉

      • Hey, we’re young at heart, aren’t we? And did you ever think in junior high that all these years later, we’d STILL be studying and learning and going to classes???

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