What Now?

Seems every other day the price of gas has jumped by another 10-12 cents. Ugh! I try not to look at the price when I fill up. Otherwise it’d be too depressing. Might as well bite the bullet and just go for it. What options do we have? Unless you own a horse and it can get you to where you need to go. Personally, when it warms up a bit more, I’ll ride my bike instead of taking the car. Well, maybe not to the grocery store, but you get my drift.

One of these days, things will settle down in the Middle East and the cost of fuel will stabilize. Hopefully. In the meantime we’ll have to make some sacrifices to get by. Because you know the cost of food will increase along with the cost of gas.

So what do these ramblings have to do with writing you ask? Simple. Just like we have to make sacrifices in our everyday lives, we also have to make sacrifices in order to find time to write. Whether you work full time at the day job, write full time or are somewhere in-between, it doesn’t matter. We have to decide what’s more important to us.

Long leisurely trips in a gas guzzling car . . . or eating.

Writing . . . or going crazy when we can’t get the characters out of our head.

Is there really any choice?


12 thoughts on “What Now?

  1. Hey it could be a lot worse… You could live in the United Kingdom, and yes it’s almost £6-00 per gallon here you know? lol

    Have a fine day today…


  2. If I could devise a way to get all my scuba gear on my Honda, then I’d be set. I’ve already got my Netbook in a backpack!
    As for the horse, Gambler isn’t used to road noise–too much of an accident waiting to happen.

    • Meg,
      Have you considered a sidecar? Don’t know that they make them for the Honda, but it’s a thought. I’m willing to bet you could get all the scuba gear in there, too.
      Poor Gambler. He’s too used to the country living to have to deal with cars zipping by at 70 mph. Actually, I’ve even started slowing down (believe it or not) to help get a little better gas mileage. But like I said before, I’ll start riding the Harley more and driving the car less. At least when I can.

      • Meg, my hubby suggested you strap the tank onto your handle bars and put the rest on your back. Like he has ANY idea of what all gear you have. {snort} Silly man.

  3. {whining} Aw, I want it ALL!!

    You’re right — the only real way to succeed in this biz is to make a commitment. I think that’s harder for women than men because we’re genetically programmed to put ourselves last. (Though I gave up feeling guilty about not cleaning the house a long time ago, LOL.)

    But you can’t sell a book you haven’t written. It’s that simple. And which is more fulfilling in the long run — seeing Criminal Minds for the 17th time or spending that hour working on your book? (I admit, I’ll watch the same episode of CM 16 times, but on the 17th, I opt for something else. 😉 )

    • Marilyn,
      You’ll watch an episode of CM 16 but not 17 times? Ookay. Now I know. Hehe.

      Yes, we have to commit ourselves to sit our rears down, put fingers to the keyboard and WORK. No goofing off on the internet (including FB, Twitter, blogging, etc) and crunching on our stories. Researching places to sell short stories and/or a book doesn’t count. IMO.

      For me, it isn’t necessarily the writing of the book, it’s getting it polished to the point an editor can’t refuse it. However, that’s still part of the writing process AND you can’t edit something you haven’t written in the first place. Right? 😉

      • Yeah, I figure when I can recite the dialogue, it’s time to switch to something else. Though there are a couple episodes so good that I’d watch them a hundred times.

        The polishing is TOUGH. Very probably the hardest part of the job. And I’m not sure it gets much easier over time, lol. Isn’t that a depressing thought??

        But knowing you’ve written the very best book you could makes it worth all the work.

      • It IS depressing to know it doesn’t get much easier to polish a manuscript. However, nice to know that once it’s finished that you have a sense of acomplishment…and that it’s worth the hard work.

      • It is definitely worth it, Linda. And I guess, in a sense, it does get easier, because our skills improve the more we use them, so we end up with less to fix and grind and polish into shape.

        Finishing a book is a wonderful experience.

        Finishing a book that’s polished and gleaming brightly, that stands up straight and doesn’t burp or pick its nose in front of an editor, is incredible.

  4. For a moment there, I thought you were talking about putting a sidecar on Gambler, Linda. Glad I don’t have to turn you in for animal abuse. 🙂

    • LOL, Jackie. I didn’t think when I wrote my comment that I should clarify what I was referring to – horse or Honda. Yeah, I’m pretty sure Gambler wouldn’t appreciate someone trying to attach a sidecar to him. Just might make him a ‘tad’ cranky. hehe

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