I’d Hate to Hurt an Aardvark But . . .

If I have to read Arthur‘s Halloween one more time in the next three months, I’m going to consider it.

I’m thrilled that my 3-year-old grandson loves stories. I think it’s pretty cool that our version of Arthur’s Halloween belonged to his daddy and is 27 years old. (Yep, I dated the books he got as a little kid.)

But we read Arthur’s Halloween at least three times per visit — before, between and after all the other books. He knows it so well now that I can’t even have a little fun and revise it on the fly because he knows if I’ve left something out or added something new. He even expects the same voices for Arthur, DW, Buster, Mrs. Tibble and everyone else.

Just a side note: For 27 years, I thought Arthur was a funky-looking rabbit. Who knew he was an even funkier-looking aardvark? (Well, besides the grandkiddo and about a million other rugrats.)

Like I said, I’d hate to hurt an aardvark, but if I have to read it again any time soon, I’m gonna snatch out somebody’s hair. Wonder how he’d look bald?


13 thoughts on “I’d Hate to Hurt an Aardvark But . . .

  1. Marilyn,

    That is SO funny. I thought I was the only person who cycled the books so much she knew “Good Night Moon” by heart.

    Last night, I watched my son settle down in a recliner with his two kids on his lap to read them to sleep. He sat in the dark. When I commented that I could turn on the light, he said “No, I don’t need to see the words. I’ve read all these books so many times, I don’t need the light.”

    What a riot. Your comment made me think of all the books my kids went through. Maybe it’s a blessing that we did a lot of library books… because you HAVE to return those every two weeks! spw

    • I still know large chunks of “Green Eggs and Ham” by memory, along with “Cat in the Hat.” We bought Brandon tons of books, but he had a few favorites that he had to hear regularly. Of course, with “Green Eggs and Ham,” I have to substitute Cam for Sam. It tickles the kid.

      How sweet that your son reads to the kids. It’s such great memories for him and, someday, the kids, too.

      Welcome back to the USA!!

  2. Amy had a favorite book, now I wish I could find it, and I couldn’t skip reading it–or changing the words.
    Can one of the dogs sorta eat it–but not really? Arthur could be taking a nap?

    I miss having a little one in my lap to read to. And I have a new collection of old books since I didn’t get to take Amy’s when I left.

    • I may have to hide Arthur until I get to the store to buy some new titles. šŸ™‚

      You’ll love reading to your grandkids — and great that you’ve got books stashed, even if they aren’t the originals. What’s the name of Amy’s favorite?

      • Sesame Street’s The Monster at the End of this Book. And a collection of 4 inches Sesame Streets books on ABC, 123, and Shapes. She wore those out.

        My favorite book for her was THE COUNTRY BUNNY & THE LITTLE GOLDEN SHOES. Written in 1939–very ahead of its time.

  3. Rachel never really liked Arhtur, but we did have all the Froggy books. We gave most of Rachel’s books to her 1-year-old cousin, Olivia, but Rach kept a few of them–Hop on Pop, Fox in Sox, and some other Seuss books and the Dragon books by Dave Pilkey. Dragon is a not-very-intelligent dragon, but too, too sweet. I LOVE Dragon!

    • I’ve never heard of the Froggy or Dragon books. I’ll look for those, too. He loves dragons.

      The poor kid’s traumatized by the fact that we have only ONE channel that has cartoons for ONLY a few hours each afternoon. It just doesn’t compute with him when he’s had cable and/or satellite since he was in the womb and can watch his shows on demand (or something like that).

      We live in the Stone Ages here on the hill. Sigh . . .

      • At my grandmother’s we did get to watch TV until night and had 2 channels. But we had chickens to chase, mudpies to make, fruit or nuts to steal, and dares to be accomplished.

      • He’s learning here that there are better things to do than watch TV. He does like having it on for background noise, as long as it’s NOT news.

        Soon as it gets warmer for good, I plan to take him and a bag of chunky gravel down to the pond, take the boat out in the middle and let him throw rocks to his heart’s content. And he’s already asking when we can pick up the logs (branches that blew off the trees this windy season) in the yard. I got him a kid-size rake; maybe if I can find a shovel, I’ll have a partner in heavy work! šŸ™‚

  4. After his accident, my youngest wanted to hear My Little Pony over and over. My dad was soooo good. He would sit for hours and read it to him. One of my best memories of my dad.

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