Self Image

 A few years ago, I found an artist to make caricatures (the ones Marilyn and I use) That’s sorta my writer persona.  On a SCUBA forum, I’m using

On that same forum, I use a signature line created by a friend of mine who took the SHADOW GAMES cover art by Cody Frusher. This is the persona I want the world to see.

Strong, self-asssured, daring, a bit scary, and in the top 5 friends on your side in a fight.


8 thoughts on “Self Image

  1. Meggie,

    I find it fascinating that we all want to hide behind some kind of avatar instead of revealing our true selves across the Internet. There’s something to being ‘nameless, faceless’ that allows us to say what we are really thinking on some of the websites. spw

    • You have a good point, Sandee.
      I used my real picture for a year on the Scuba Forum. I know that I don’t say anything on line that I fear signing my name to. Doesn’t mean that I don’t do some things I regret.

  2. That’s what I’m going to have to do when I start writing as J’Anne Kramer…and new persona. Nobody looking at my picture as Jackie Kramer is ever going to believe I’m a hard-ass SF author.

  3. Meg,
    You are a complicated, complex and multi-faceted woman. You NEED lots of different images to cover everything. Right? 😉

  4. I like your personas! My favorite avatar before the caricature was the photo with my back to the camera. Not only did I like it, but just about anywhere I used it, people wanted to know why I was standing like that.

    I like caricatures and avatars. I think they tell us a lot about a person.

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