I Am NOT An Island!

We hear over and over how writing is a solitary profession.  Bullfeathers!  Oh, I’ll grant you that the actual writing in done by yourself, but would any of you have it any other way?  How would you get anything done if you were sitting in an office with a bunch of other writers?  It’s bad enough for those of us who have (or in my case, had) young children in the house.  I used to tell my kids that unless their emergency involves fire or blood, if they interrupted me while I was writing, they WOULD become child abuse statistics.  That’s how my older son learned to approach me by saying “Mommy?  I wuv Mr. Spock!”  He knew that would make me laugh and forgive him.

But even if you live in an ideal world…  The kids who leave you alone.  The husband who manages the house.  No phones, no delivery men, and no Jehovah Witnesses on the porch…you still aren’t alone.  I know that any time I’m stuck on my manuscript, help from my writer friends is no farther than an email or phone call.  If I need to strengthen a weak skill, there is always a workshop or conference that will help me.  And if you’re lucky like me, you have friends who love you enough to give you the truth about your work.

So, I want to acknowledge the people in my life who help make my writing such a joy.  To Debbie who showed me the signposts when my road was so confusing.  To Caron and Gloria for all the unfailing support when it looked like I’d never make the second sale.  To Marilyn, Susan, Meg, Linda, and all my other RWI sisters who keep me grounded and with loving determination, nag me into becoming a better writer.

And a special thanks to those who were my first readers…the Great Broads of the Galaxy.  They’d rather read my Star Trek, but still are proud of my success in romance.

To all of you….thank you.  And I love you all!


9 thoughts on “I Am NOT An Island!

  1. So true. I have had so much help on this journey, i can’t wait to credit them all in my book. Hubby & daughter the most, they’re my best ie worst critics

      • Some of us read it, Mom; or at least, some of it. I admit I only skimmed “Baby Bonus.” But I read both sides of the Double Delight: “Broken Pledge” and “Coming to Terms.” I also read “Queen’s Knight to Checkmate” and “Learning Curve.” And Jules has read all of the above, with the possible exception of “Learning Curve.” I don’t know if she’s read that anthology.

        I’m just partial to your non-romance writing, despite my romantic inclinations.


  2. Thanks a ton, Jackie!

    Whenever I hear people say writing is a lonely profession (though I’m sure they usually mean solitary), I want to say, “There’s no reason for it to be! Join us!”

    I love authors, especially romance authors. We’re a great bunch. 😉

  3. Frank, this is a romance blog so when I talk about my family not reading my stuff, I meant my romance stuff. World, my family is very supprtative of my SF writing. 🙂

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