Want to Be Me?

I seriously need a clone.

There are so many things I want/need/have to do, and just not enough time to fit them in. It’s been weeks since I’ve regularly visited anyone’s blogs, including my own. I’m behind on email and haven’t posted on Facebook in way too long. The yard needs mowing, and the mower needs service, and the trimmer has a wire cable wrapped around its post.

I actually asked my husband the other day if he thought he could learn to mimic my writing voice so I could write the books and he could do everything else. I wasn’t serious, of course. Well, not very. I just need another me.

Wonder if some robotics company could design one?


7 thoughts on “Want to Be Me?

  1. Hmm. My DH worked with robotics before he was laid off/retired a couple years ago. Maybe he knows of something that’ll help you. But an actual clone? Uh, no, don’t think so. Hey, if you find one or figure it out, let us know. Okay? 🙂

    • I’m not sure I need an actual clone. Even someone who would just pretend to be me would help. Though of course they’d want money. Lots and lots of it.

      I didn’t know that about your dh. That’s cool!

  2. I’m pretty sure there was, but of course I don’t remember it.

    I think women can handle most things without a guy’s screw-ups. Whoever planted that myth in our universe that women are the weaker sex did one heck of a job of selling. He was wrong, of course, but still . . .

  3. Just saw a program on the science channel last night–robotic sex dolls. yep, you read that correctly–it was kinda creepy–like watching a train wreck.
    If they can do that, then I think it would be simple to create a robot who will do all the chores.

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