It’s 8 a.m. Friday and there’s no new post. Yep, it’s Marilyn’s day.

Wish I had a good excuse for forgetting this time — oh, wait, I do! I spent yesterday working on taxes. (Though I’d get a headstart this year.) By late afternoon, I was brain dead and a storm was blowing in, and I wanted to get some of the jungle mowed before it got waterlogged. Once the rain started, I came back inside and (sigh) went back to work on the taxes.

I am so in favor of a flat-rate tax system — ten percent across the board from everyone, no excuses, no exceptions, no special deductions. I would save a ton of money and time, and just the think of the millions of trees that wouldn’t have to give up their beautiful, wonderful lives to become pages in the dry old boring tax code???

Of course, tax lawyers and tax accountants and corporations who would finally have to pay their fair share fight the idea. I imagine an awful lot of those thousands of IRS employees who would become obsolete aren’t too happy about it, either, but with the money the government saves, they could better staff other places like, oh, I don’t know, air traffic control centers (!) and give the deadwood IRS folks a new department to report to.

In a lovely world like that, I might even start my taxes as early as February 23d and wouldn’t be afraid to fly.

(Just kidding. I’d still be doing it April 15th — or 18th — and still want the numbers of the towers at any stops on a trip on speed dial so I could make sure they’re awake and happy!)


11 thoughts on “Friday!

  1. Marilyn,

    I heard once that 40,000 employees of the IRS and accounting firms would lose their jobs if a flat tax was ever enacted. I still think it might be worth it. I love the idea. Take 10% of every paycheck printed and then we don’t even have to file…. glorious!! spw

    • Deduct the cost of having to print tons of tax codes every year, all the IRS office space, bennies, mailing, printing forms, etc. — most of us would be better off and could spend a little money frivolously so those employees could find other jobs. I’d be thrilled with it.

  2. I don’t think it matters what We The People want…Congress will do what they want to do. And from what I’ve seen, it usually benefits them the most. Or at least they don’t have to suffer the consequences of their actions like all the rest of us. That’s just my humble opinion, anyway.

    Good luck in getting your taxes done. For once I got ours in early. {Whew!}

    • You’re right, Linda. We’re just here to pay their way while they behave like third-graders and make ridiculous decisions.

      Can you tell I’m not a fan of polititicans??

      Oh, btw, the taxes aren’t done yet. But they’re started. 😉

  3. For the first time, I filed with only 20 minutes to spare…given that my post office closed at 2:00PM on the 18th. That AIN’T ever going to happen again. I’m too old for that kind of stress! And I’ve long been a fan of the 10% flat tax. If it’s good enough for the Lord, why isn’t it good enough for the government??

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