Tax Day


{Excuse me a minute.} Barf! {Okay, better now.}

Even though I’m an accountant (at least I was in my ‘former’ life), doing taxes is one of my least favorite things to do. But I don’t guess we should complain this year, at least not too much. Instead of taxes being due last Friday, we were given an extra 3 days. Yet there are still thousands of people who will wait until the absolute last minute to head to the Post Office, or even submit online. Nice thing the Internet, huh?

I actually got ours done back in February…and we’re getting (a little) money back this year, both from the Fed and the State. Got the Fed a while back, still waiting on the State. I’m beginning to wonder if I did something wrong; didn’t add right, sign my name, put the right routing number for the direct deposit…something! And I have to tell you, I’m getting worried. Wish there was some way to check online. Seriously doubt it, though. It IS a government entity, after all.  {Bleah}

So tell me. Have you already filed your taxes or are you one of those that get a rush from the last minute race to beat the clock?

AND, how could you incorporate this into a story? (Now here you thought I wasn’t going to talk about writing. hehe)


6 thoughts on “Tax Day

  1. Just got everything back from the CPA on Friday. . . I could have bought a nice used auto, but then I remind myself that I have to pay for my husband’s salary and those of our military. (I’d like to take some of my share back from the wastrels in the congress though. JMHO)
    Will be going to the post office in an hour because I have to pay the state of Oklahoma.
    Yeah, I could write a short story–the ones responsible for the stupid laws and the ones who cheat would all get food poisoning! 😉

  2. LOL, Meg! It isn’t nice, but just a ‘touch’ of food poisoining to our dear lawmakers who cheat on their taxes, feeling as if they’re exempt, might do them a bit of good. Hmm. Yeppers, I can see a story there! 🙂

  3. There’s a contest — Bulwer Lytton, I think is the name — that celebrates the absolute worst in opening lines. Years ago, its deadline was April 15th (and may still be), which they referred to as the High Holy Day of Creative Writing.

    I could do a story about taxes. Our neighbor in San Diego was a handsome Latino hunk who had worked criminal investigations for the IRS. It’d be easy to make a hero out of him.

    • “High Holy Day of Creative Writing.” I love it! What a great idea.

      Ooh. A dark, hunky hero. I can SO go for that. I bet that man had a hundred stories he could tell. Okay, now that you’ve had the idea, are you going to write that story? Now I want to read it. 🙂

      • I’ll have to give that some thought. Right now I’m finishing up one dark hunky hero and about to move on to another who just might be blond (but dark in spirit if not looks). LOL.

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