Mind Set

   I’ve been running–okay, not really with 2 bad knees and enough on top to knock myself out if one goes flying up. I’ve been doing everything lately except writing. It’s not that I can’t. I’m a fantastic writer while driving, or walking, or even cleaning toilets (mine own but there are times I considered hiring out until good sense slapped me!) 

When I sit in my office with the new chair, newly cleaned and almost decluttered, my mind goes blank. I can manage about 200 words, reread them, then delete. Fine. Don’t you just love to tell your SO that word with just the right inflection?

Even coming up with the blog for today has my head pounding. And right now, I don’t even want to delve into the “why” I can’t get words on any story.  I know the words will come back. I’m hoping sooner rather than later.


13 thoughts on “Mind Set

  1. {{HUGS}} I’d take you out to lunch if we lived closer . . . but then you’d have to drive since my car was hijacked by my hubster who didn’t want his precious baby to get wet or hailed on.

  2. Margaret —

    I’m thinkin’ that if your hubster left the keys to the Vette layin’ around the house somewhere, and if I wuz you, I’d be doing some drivin’!


    • Yanno, the vette simply isn’t my thing. He’s go off on biz trips and I wouldn’t even feel the twinge of an urge to take it out.
      –but if he left me the reins to a Dutch Warmblood or Selle Francaise (horses) then I’d be taking them out for a ride!

  3. Maybe the office is ‘too’ clean. That can happen. You could’ve filed all those good ideas/stories/words away during the clean-up and now your brain refuses to function on a creative level. I’d be gald to loan you some of my clutter if you think that’d help. 🙂

  4. Maybe you need to try writing someplace else — outside on a pretty day — or in another format — by hand, dictating, etc.

    But don’t make me kick your butt. You’ve got too much talent to let it lay fallow. Sometimes it’s hard — you know that — but sometimes you have to push out all the crap to get to the good stuff.

    Come for a visit. Margaret and I will talk you back into action. (Or you’ll start writing just to shut out our voices!)

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