We’ve Got to Stop Meeting Like This

Late, that is.

Marilyn here, huddled in the office listening to the awful brisk wind rattling the eaves and everything else. With my blinds closed, it looks dark and dreary out — like yesterday — and you’d swear it’s no more than 50 degrees, like yesterday. But it’s actually sunny and too warm for a jacket. Just blustery. Life on the hill.

Good news: I finished my next Harlequin Romantic Suspense!! A few changes, and it’s hitting the printer, then the post office. Yea!! We have a title now — Copper Lake Secrets — and a pub date: December ’11.

And now it’s on to the next one. There’s research to do, characters to name, enough plotting for the synopsis to satisfy my editor’s sharp requirements. And in the meantime, I have another idea for the one after this that’s rattling around in my brain.

It always makes me laugh when non-writers ask where my ideas come from. There’s so many in my head already that it’s no wonder I can’t remember things like what day it is or which bill I paid an hour ago. When I’m trying to chastise one of the five puppers, I just yell until the right name eventually comes out. (Funny. My mom used to do that to my sisters, nieces and me.)

I’d better get to those final changes before I forget what they are. Y’all have a great weekend and may you find lots of chocolate eggs in your basket!


9 thoughts on “We’ve Got to Stop Meeting Like This

    • The high Thursday was 58 and it was rainy and windy. The high yesterday was 96 — and it turned rainy and windy. Nothing on TV last night but weather reports. They droned on so long that when the refinery downtown caught fire, it was a nice change of pace. 🙂

  1. Do you find that no matter how many books you write, you always have the same exhilaration when you ‘put one to bed’, so to speak? I wouldn’t think it’d ever become mundane to you.

    I am SO glad there’s another Copper Lake book! Woot!! And so glad I can call you friend. One of these days, I’m hoping some of your writing magic will rub off on me. 🙂

    • Sometimes I’m really walking on air — this time I was. Sometimes I’m so brain-dead that I can’t even celebrate. We’ll go out to to dinner, and I’ll sit there and stare and yawn. I can’t even talk because I’ve used up all the words in my head. But the next day I’m better able to appreciate it.

      Seeing them in the stores hasn’t become mundane, either. I still make a point, after 70+ books, of looking for each one in the stores.

      Hey, you’re making huge improvements. That last rewrite you did was wonderful!

  2. Marilyn,

    We’re all happier that you got one put to bed and another couple rattling around in your ‘very big brain’. I can’t wait!! spw

      • Holy Cow, Marilyn!! You’re going to be hooked like a trout now… what will happen to Rand? Perrin? Mat?

        I listened to the second of the final three (they might be four now) books in the wrap up being done by Brandon Sanderson and his wife. I really want to know how this story ends. It’s been a wild ride. spw

  3. Thank you! I’ve been waiting a loooong time to write Jones, just waiting for the right story for him. He’s a garden designer — can you believe it, after all the cops, cowboys, military, bad boys, etc.? He designs, restores and recreates historical gardens, which is what brings him to CL.

    And a couple of characters from MURPHY’S LAW put in an appearance at the beginning — Evie and Martine are Reece’s best friends. Cool, huh.

  4. And long may you keep writing, Marilyn. Uhhh, is there anyway you could maybe speed it up a little. One or two books a year just isn’t enough!

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