This and That

Okay, I’m late. Blame it on the weather. Since I’m not working, I don’t have to get up hours before dawn to make it to the office. And sleeping in to the sound of rain outside the window was just TOO inviting!

– Did everyone have a good Easter? I did. Attended church with my family 60 miles away, then had a nice dinner and visit. Right after we headed home the sky opened up. Only drove about 40 mph instead of the usual 65, but at least we didn’t hydroplane off the highway.

We didn’t get as much rain at my house, only 3 inches so far, as they did in Muskogee County. It’s still raining so who knows how much we’ll wind up with? But we needed it. Everyone did. Could do without the flooding some have, though.

– I had to buy a new printer. The old one finally bit the dust. Man, there are a lot to choose from. Auto paper feeds, fax, scan, photo friendly. You name it you can find a printer to handle it. I settled on a plain Jane Kodak.

– I finally found a place to hold our writers retreat. It’s amazing how fast places fill up. October is now a major Wedding month. Who knew? Anyway, thought we’d found a place a couple weeks ago, but (silly me) thought I had plenty of time to let them know. When I called back a week later, they were booked. Solid. {Well, shoot!} So I started browsing the Internet and finally found a place not far out of town. Without checking with the Board I reserved it on the spot, sight unseen. THEN I let them know what I’d done, hoping they wouldn’t fire me. (Yeah, um-hm. Like they’d do that. Hehe) They didn’t. 🙂

So today it’s on to more writing. Hey, it’s still raining so can’t do anything outside, anyway. No reason or excuse to NOT write!

How about you? What are you doing this nice dreary day?


6 thoughts on “This and That

  1. I do love to read on a rainy day. Instead, I bumped around the place and tried to make myself useful. It’s demanding being a houseguest!! spw

  2. I’d like to say I was spending my birthday in decadence, but have to admit, I was washing my dad’s laundry and I worked a shift at the hospital. Thankfully, the rain was eased by the time I had to drive to St. Frank and stopped on my way home.

    • Sorry you had to work on your birthday, but at least you didn’t have to drive in torrential downpours. Hopefully it was an easy shift at St Frank.

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