Poking the Bear

Last week I bragged that I’d finished the latest manuscript and was about to put it in the mail to my editor. What, oh, what would I do with all the free time before I got eyebrows-deep in the next one?

Well, it rained Thursday. Poured on Friday. Deluged on Sunday. I went to the office Monday morning to take care of a few things before choosing from all the delights awaiting to fill my time, and I found that my office had flooded. Again.

After a couple of floods, last summer I dug a ditch along the two walls that got hit the hardest, angled the dirt and filled it with gravel, and that’s helped tremendously. I’m not sure anything short of a dam would have stopped the rain on Sunday — it was that hard.

So, after dithering “Shall I do this? Or shall I do that?“, I’ve spent most of the week cleaning, mopping, setting out what can be saved to dry and tossing what can’t. I’ve invested in a dehumidifier, which is doing a wonderful job of sucking the dampness out of the air, and I’ve also gotten around to some caulking that’s needed doing for ages.

(Did you know the slow, steady squeeze of a caulk gun isn’t much different from the touch you need decorating a cake with a pastry bag, but my caulking always looks lots better than my cakes?)

[On the other hand, my cakes always taste better than caulk. 😉 ]

So next time I finish a book, I’m not going to curse myself by saying, “Oh, boy, now I get to do whatever.” I won’t poke the bear. I’ll sigh forlornly and say, “Oh, dear, what do I have to do next?”

Please, Lord, don’t let it be cleaning up muddy water again.


8 thoughts on “Poking the Bear

  1. Not a fun job, Marilyn!
    I’d hoped with your ‘free’ time we’d have a trip planned.
    I’m still wondering how we can do a weight/writing camp. May have to be a weekend thing.

  2. Oh man, Marilyn, I feel your pain. What a nightmare!! Some of the disaster recovery people will tell you to run fans for WEEKS to ensure that all the moisture gets taken out and you don’t set up a cycle of mold. They ran fans in my CA house for 6 weeks and that was smoke and ash, no water damage at all. They rent out big fans with HEPA filters. You might want to get one going.

    Of course, then you’re working in a wind tunnel. spw

    • We had to get rid of the carpet in here 2 summers ago, Sandee. I’d had two knee surgeries and didn’t come to the office for a couple months, and when I finally did, it smelled like a half dozen dead bodies. Huge patches of mold all over the carpet. I tried to take out the carpet, but it set my allergies off, so Bob had to do that, get rid of it, then scrub the floor with industrial strength cleaner before I could go inside.

      Right now I’ve been keeping the heat running, and I bought a dehumidifier last week. It’s sucked out GALLONS of water in five days.

      Next on my list is buying a rototiller and redoing last year’s drainage work, only super heavy duty this time. I will not be defeated by dirt and water. 😉

  3. It’s amazing how awful rain water smells after a while, too — rather, the mold growing in it. I’m just thrilled I have no carpet in the office to worry about or I’d be ripping that sucker out, too.

    The funny thing is flooding up here at the top of the big hill. I guess it’s because the office in at the lowest point on the cleared land that all the water comes this way.

    But not once I get the drainage figured out once and for all. Just as soon as it dries out.

  4. At the hospital, there are a couple of things YOU never talk about. You don’t mention how easy the shift is or that the shift is slow. Guarentees you’ll get a ton of immediate admits. You also NEVER mention a difficult patient by name. If you do, they’ll admit withing 24 hours.

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