Unexpected Twists

When we start our stories, whether we’re a plotter or a pantzer, we know how our stories will end . . . with a happily ever after. It’s the paths or routes we take getting there that can be interesting.

Last Saturday my hubby & I headed out to get a load of rock from his brother’s remote — and very rock — land. Normally it’s all paved road. Except we swung by his mom’s first. Her house was out of the way but we could still get to our final destination via the ‘back way’. However, I was beginning to wonder if DH knew where he was going in the wooded hills.

After running out of pavement and several twists, we came to a sharp bend. A posted sign read Do Not Enter If Flooded. Um, like the 10-15 inches they got a week ago. Thankfully the water wasn’t deep, but I still held my breath until truck and trailer were safely on the other side.

Eventually we came to another stop sign and a paved road. I knew exactly where we were – less than a mile from our destination.

There are only so many story ideas out there, but our job is to find a different way to get to the HEA. We have to look at the same ole, tried and true and give it a fresh spin. i.e. Take the dirt road that is only wide enough for one car, cross low water bridges and pray the engine doesn’t stall out, stop and move a log the rainstorms had washed out off of the road.

Put obstacles in your character’s path.

The road we took wasn’t the easiest one. It had more bumps, twists and turns than I was used to, yet was more scenic, intriguing and interesting than the usual route. We need to add these extra twists into our stories. I can guarantee it’ll make for a better read. It sure made for an interesting trip! 🙂


9 thoughts on “Unexpected Twists

    • You know my mind always goes in weird directions. Now to incorporate my suggestions into my own stories. hehe

    • That’s true, just like no two snow flakes are alike. Even identical twins are different. There’s always a new or unique twist that the editors are looking for. We just have to find it. 😉

  1. Linda,

    I love the analogy of writing an interesting story to taking the scenic route. Seems like we have to make it very interesting to keep the reader engaged. I can just see you jolting along the unpaved road wondering where the heck DH was headed!! spw

    • Sandee,
      I have to admit, I hung on as he seemed to know every twist and turn and didn’t slow down much to take them. Not only was I bouncing around, there were some small hills that were up and down really fast. Almost lost my lunch on the first one. I paid attention after that. LOL Needless to say, I was EXTREMELY glad when we hit payment again.

  2. Another way to look at it is to take the same path, but how you see if is way different from anyone else. It’s not uncommon for someone around me to mention a particular place on a commonly used route for me to ask when they built it and discover it’s ALWAYS been there. I just didn’t see it.

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