I’m Brilliant!

That’s not a brag. That’s a hallucination. Some days, the prose spills out like jewels from a treasure chest. As you re-read the opus you’ve produced today, you can already see your name on the NYT best-selling list.

Other days, you’re a moron. You write English like it’s your second language.  Grammar?  What’s that?  Colon or not?  What the heck.  Throw it in; it can’t hurt.

Truth?  Most days it’s just like any other job…you just do the work.  If you’re lucky, you’ll actually like what you’ve produced.  And that means a good day.  But the key is to do the work.  And you know what?  When you do the work, just the fact that you met your goal for the day, is its own reward.

It may not be award-winning writing.  Heck, it may not even be good, but keeping to the plan gives you a feeling of accomplishment.  Some days, especially when my day job is very busy, I’m happy to get even a few words finished.  Shoot, even opening the document and making corrections makes me feel like I’m “writing” when my days are stuffed with “life”.

And the days when I can’t get it out fast enough…?  I’ve even had to call my masseuse and CANCEL my appointment because it’s flowing so well.  I’m lucky Johnny understands and re-schedules me, even if I’m only given him 5 minutes notice I’m not coming.  Those are the days when nothing can go wrong.  No matter how screwed up life is that day, it’s still a day to mark as awesome and I’m brilliant!

So that’s what I am today.  Tomorrow may be a drudge day.  Or the day when I have to eke out a minute or two to write.  Or, God forbid, when I’m a total moron.  But today…?

I’m brilliant!

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