Refill That Well

Wow. What a weekend! I attended the Oklahoma Writers Federation Inc’s (OWFI) conference Friday and Saturday. They were busy, packed days and nights. But they were fun packed. From the workshops to the editor/agent appointments to the Famous Author Banquet to the Buzz Sessions to the Awards Banquet, it was all great. I made some new friends, reconnected with old friends and generally had a terrific time.

Stayed up late every night and got up early every morning. Have to tell you…I’m pooped! LOL that’s why this blog is so late.

The Keynote Speaker was Steve Berry, who wowed the attendees with the keynote address, then gave an impromptu session at 7:30 Saturday morning to a packed room. His wife, Elizabeth also presented a very enlightening workshop during the day. Both demonstrated that “IT” can be done (going from an unknown to a highly recognizable name). All it takes is perservance.

And HARD work!

During the course of the conference I gained tons of new info, heard the buzz about epubs, found new and awesome books just published, networked, learned to condense my very wordy pitch down to the bare bones for the 7 minute appointment and came home with a new determination. Yes, I refilled my near-empty well in those 2 days.

All in all – a GREAT time! How can it not be? I was surrounded by writers, both newbies to seasoned pros. If you didn’t catch the wave (sorry, I know that’s a cliché), then you simply weren’t at the same conference as me. Or weren’t paying attention.

I’m glad I went. Yeppers. Local or regional conferences are a fantastic way to keep your enthusiasm up and keep you inspired about your writing career.

Thanks OWFI!!!!


6 thoughts on “Refill That Well

    • I did have a good time! I left one session because it wasn’t what I needed and found another that did the trick. That’s the nice thing about having more than one workshop at a time.

  1. I think it’s a little of both. It depends on who’s talking and what the subject matter is and where I am in my writing. But it’s partly my mental state. This time I went with the attitude that it would all be ‘good’, and it was. 🙂

  2. I always used to go, but got out of the hobby when I went to weekend option. Maybe next year I should get back into the habit.

    • It’d be great if you went next year, Jackie! You never know who you might run in to, or what you’ll learn, or what new friends you might make. 🙂

  3. Glad you had a good time, Linda. Of course, you went into it with the right attitude, and that counts for a lot.

    You sound as energized as I always feel after listening to Deb Dixon speak. Wonderful!

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