Sometimes, I Just Want To Lie!

 It happens all the time–not the lying part–the typical response when asked what you do for a living.

“I’m going to write a book, but…” Or “I have a book you need to write for me!” Or “Here’s an idea that will really sell!”

You know you’ve gotten a variation of this when you proudly tell people you’re an author/writer. Happened again to me this weekend at the hotel where there were 4 tables and all were filled. I was hungry, in need of coffee not chit-chat with a portly gentleman. He was very nice, and I listened as much as my waterlogged ears could hear. I know his life history, and why I need to write this to share with the world.

Next time think I’ll just say I sing at The Silver Spur.


9 thoughts on “Sometimes, I Just Want To Lie!

  1. “Sorry, but unless it involves vampire/werewolf/dragon love with a few menage a trois’s thrown in for flavor then I’m not interested.”

    “This is the perfect time for you to write your own story. Only you are passionate enough about the topic.”

    Quizzically look at the person and ask, “Why?”

  2. Sorry you had to endure that, Meg. I hate it when people want to become your new BFF when all you want is a quiet moment to enjoy your coffee. Those kinds of people are oblivious to everyone else and would’ve told you his life story regardless of your occupation.

  3. I have a resident at work who actually has thought about writing a book. He started telling me the basic plot, but kept getting tangled. Finally, I stopped him and told him to first figure out the GMC of all his characters. Every now and then, he’ll come up to me and say “What about this?” and each time, I baffle him with “Is that the goal, conflict, or motivation?”

  4. Meg,

    I think the same thing happens to other professions. My BIL was in medical school. When he’d go to business events with his wife, who was in sales, he’d get cornered and people would be quizzing him for free medical advice. Finally, he started lying. I asked him what he told people who asked, he said, “I either tell them I sweep up in a topless bar, or that I’m a rodeo clown. Either one shuts down the conversation.”

    I’ve always thought it was so funny–but limited to medical personnel. I tell people I’m an aspiring writer, but I’ve never had anyone tell me I needed to write their story. spw

  5. Oh, Sandee, it’ll come, trust me. I can’t count how many people have approached me over the years wanting me to either help sell their book to my editors or agents, or to write it and split the profits with them.

    I’ve told people I lie for a living — but, darn, then they think I’m a lawyer or politician. 🙂

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