Tornado Alley

As writers, we get to create our own worlds, make disasters happen to our characters, then make it all go away and the world is wonderful with a happily ever after for everyone – except the villain. I sure wish we could do that for the people affected by the deadly tornado that hit Joplin, Missouri last night.

The storm cut a 6 mile long and 1/2 mile wide swath through the south side of town (if I have my facts straight), taking out one of the town’s two hospitals, a Home Depot and thousands of homes and other businesses.

Even with a 20 minute warning, dozens are dead. And the search has just begun. Sometimes there simply isn’t any place to go or hide, like the F5 tornado that hit Oklahoma City a few years ago. How can you hide from something that literally sweeps your home off its foundation? You can’t.

Yes, I do wish I could change the outcome of last night’s storm. At the very least, change the path of the storm so that it didn’t hit the high school during their graduation ceremony, or church’s during evening worship, or the highly populated area that it did hit.

Joplin. You are in our thoughts and prayers.


8 thoughts on “Tornado Alley

  1. One advantage we as writers have is that we know nobody is REALLY hurt by what we put our characters through. Also sending prayers to the people in Joplin and with all those who are going to their aid.

    • I like throwing all kinds of stuff at my characters, but I know it isn’t real. No one is actually hurt.

      Yes, all the responders need our prayers, too. It will be a long time before anything is back to normal in that area.

  2. Linda,

    My thoughts and prayers go out to the folks in MO and up in MN where they also had tragic storms.

    I was reading your column looking for double entendre Ally versus Alley… spw

  3. Praying for them here, too, as well as those in NE OK and Arkansas. I’ve been mesmerized by the Joplin photos. I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s just surreal.

  4. This whole week has been just surreal. I heard tonight that 68 counties have been declared disaster areas.

    Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri and the states further north. I’ll be glad when this wild weather dies down.

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