Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day. It’s a day to honor those that have given the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

For you.

I grew up just down the road from Oklahoma’s National Cemetery in Fort Gibson. If you’ve never been to a national cemetery when every tombstone has a small American flag in front of it, with larger flags lining the road, then if at all possible, you need to go. Seeing all those flags waving in the stiff breeze in front of the white markers absolutely took my breath away and sent chills down my arms. I’ve done this practically all my life, yet the image still has the same affect on me year after year.

My mother is buried at National. She taught me to honor our dead, to decorate their graves as a sign of respect for what they’d done.  I was pleased to see traffic jams as well as entire families gathered around a grave. It proves to me that we haven’t forgotten.

And I pray we never do.

To all the brave men and women who have served, both living and dead, I salute you!


8 thoughts on “Memorial Day

  1. Linda,

    I’m so glad you were touched by the sacrifices of the Veterans. I can’t drive by a National Cemetery without feeling chills. Those rows upon rows of grave markers are such a testament to our war heroes and everyday heroes. spw

    • I agree, Sandee. Just being in a National Cemetery sends chills down my spine, but it’s doubly so on Memorial Day with our flag flying proudly in front of every grave.

      I thank you and your hubby both for having served our country!

    • God bless you and all the others in your family who have served, Jackie. We have a tendency to focus on the men who have served, but there are thousands of women, like yourself, who have also served with honor. I applaud you.

    • I think those of us that have been married to someone in the military have a tendency to remember the day for what it was originally intended for and not just a day at the lake. Which is also good, too. 😉

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