Surfing the TV

 I rule the TV remote in our house (now that we are empty nesters!) Except if Don gets up before I do, but then he goes to bed when the sun sets, and once more I claim the TV. When I need mindless noise, I choose either the murder shows–ID, TruTV, Snapped–that features foresenic science or great detective work, or paranormal ghosties, aliens, mysteries.

In book stores, I’m drawn to the same. I have several books by Sylvia Browne, and haven’t read but 3. And true crime books, a bunch of those still stacked in the to-be-read basket. (The pile kept falling over so I tossed them in a basket!)

I truly keep thinking that my next WIP will have some of these elements, but it hasn’t happened yet.


6 thoughts on “Surfing the TV

  1. Meg,

    I am not the queen of the remote in my house. The only time I get to pick a channel is when DH is not around. That said, I don’t watch or read the True Crime stuff. I’m glad you’re writing suspense… so I don’t have to! spw

  2. It’s interesting how our stories take on a life of their own. I started a story once that I swore was just going to be straight romance – no suspense. Then all of a sudden a villian showed up. Caught me by surprise.

    Bottom line, our writing is what it is. IMHO, anyway.

  3. I control the remote only because I’m quicker to mute for commercials and to unmute for the show. 😉

    Remember Theresa’s — with the Lousiana group — big new U/W camera that leaked on her first or second dive with it? That would be my luck!

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