I Fought the Wasp

Last Sunday afternoon, it was a beautiful day, and I spent part of it sitting in a comfy chair outside, listening to the chimes in the glass trees and watching the hummingbirds at the feeders. That’s me, happy and smiling: 

Then I decided to plant some tomatoes I’d bought the day before. (Yes, I know I’m late, but I always am.) Life was good . . . until he came along:

He made a sneak attack from the rear, and that was the end of happy, smiling me. He nailed me on the back of the right knee, and I was down for the count. Wailing, “Oh my God oh my God oh my God!” I danced my way into the house for medication and ice packs, checking as I passed through the kitchen that my EpiPen was where it was supposed to be in case I needed it. Then I collapsed into the chair, and did nothing for four days but whine, try not to scratch, give in and rub a little, take more medicine, replace ice pack and repeat.

Seriously, I lost four days to a wasp sting (and the antihistamine that makes me feel like someone pulled a translucent curtain between me and the rest of the world).

I did stir myself once, to clean and refill the wasp trap, then move it closer to where I got stung. This morning I happily emptied out a dozen or more dead pests and refilled it.

Here’s hoping all the rest of them die so sweet a death!


9 thoughts on “I Fought the Wasp

  1. Poor baby! But keep after the wasps. Look at the bright side. You’ve done what every grandma should do; you’ve taken a hit for Cam. And next time, put some meat tenderizer on the boo-boo.

    • I have a whole list of things to try if — God forbid — there’s a next time. I did find on the 4th day that vinegar does wonders for the itching. Yea!! Now I just have a pale shadow with a bit of swelling and a hole where the stinger actually went on. %^&* wasp!

  2. I’m so sorry about the wasp sting! I think of all the waspers, the red one is the worst. I got nailed by one of those about 30 years ago and I still remember how bad it hurt.

    Keep that wasp trap out there and (hopefully) before long, they’ll all be ‘gone’.

    • It’s like someone plunging a red-hot ice pick into you! I don’t know why their sting is soooo much worse than a black wasp or any other critter, though maybe it has to do with the fact that reds are more closely related to hornets.

      I just can’t find a single purpose for red wasps to exist — not one. They should all disappear. 😉

  3. You fought the wasp and the wasp won. But not for long. You NEED me, you really need me to be the killer queen.
    Sorry about the wasp sting. Damn buggers.

    • LOL! I wondered if someone would finish the line. 😉

      I do need a killer queen. I need industrial strength wasp killer, too, or a killer wand that I can just wave in their direction.

  4. Marilyn,

    That is a terrible, cautionary tale. I’m sorry it happened to you. You are way too sweet. Didn’t you have a spider bite last year? You get bit a lot. Maybe you should think about eating more spicy foods so it reeks from your skin. spw

    • Yeah, I got bitten by a brown recluse, or fiddleback, spider a few years ago. He nailed me twice, but only one got a serious dose of venom. It was an experience I hope to never have again . . . though we still kill fiddlers on a regular basis around here. The spider spray knocks out some, but they just keep sending replacements.

      Hey, I love garlic and cayenne. That’s a preventive I could get used to!

  5. We buy that high-pressure spray four or five cans at a time. It’s handy when they’re out flying around. Unfortunately, most of ours nest in tiny holes in the rock of our house, so we can’t get the whole bunch at once like we can with the black ones. The bees nest there, too. I figure sometime we’re going to get a really strong wind hitting just the right place, and all the stone’s going to crumble, leaving the wasps, the bees AND us homeless! 🙂

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