Knowing the Rules

Whether I go sailing, scuba or dirt track racing,  I’ve had to learn the ‘rules’ before I learned how to break them. Writing is the same. There are certain ones you adhere to regardless of genre or activity. Then there are the ones you can slide on a bit, and those you can outright break. Believe me, on that first book, I broke most of them. 

Writing isn’t stagnant (neither is scuba for that matter.) Rules are changing. But that doesn’t mean I — or a reader — will always like them.  

Are you a strict follower or a breaker? How do you keep up with the changes?


5 thoughts on “Knowing the Rules

  1. Writing is like cooking a recipe.

    The first time I cook something I follow the instructions. But the next time, I make changes to reflect my,and my family’s, tastes. The key is to understand the chemistry and how the flavors meld together within the recipe.

    It’s good to understand the ‘rules’ of writing before taking the leap to write outside the box.

  2. I’m a rule-breaker. (A rebel! Yea!!!!!!!!!!!)

    Except . . . it’s got to work for the story and the author has to have to the ability to pull it off. It takes talent to follow the rules; it takes talent to break them successfully, too.

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